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Angel Arena XZ ver. 2.0 скачать, Angel Arena XZ ver. 2.0 download, Angel Arena XZ ver. 2.0


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Angel Arena XZ ver. 2.0


Edited by Sky8l6ark – Sky)

Количество игроков:

4v4, 5v5 or 6v6


Based on the X version of Angel Arena series and Dota,-Cheaper Tomes -2500–Upto Level 255 Max. Heros, -Balanced Heros and more. -No fucking CHEATS— -iridium, mun mai and other…–Good balanc
Edited by – Sky8l6Ark – Sky- .

Доборная информация:

Items information
There are 3 levels of items:
·Low level items: usually dropped by the monsters on the arena.·Mid level items: you can get there using the gamble feature at your item shop.·High level items: to get these one you have to enter the secret shop, or use the risk feature at the item shop.
Higher classes info.
You first need one class essence, and then look through the map where is that hero’s altar to obtain it.
The normal way to obtain essences is to take the path to a monk or a guardian angel. Is not easy to defeat them and the possibility of an essence is not that great. Another method is to save enough money to buy the essence at the different shops that sell them,
If for example you came to get a “God Essence”, time to look for the altar where appear a unit of the God class.
High level classes have better stat growth, heath, damage, and attack rate, however all your money spent of boosts will be gone for good. Is not usually worth it.
Once you changed your class, you will start with the character on level 1, but with all your items back on him/her, minus the essence used.
Some special monsters like monks or the Key Master can drop this essence, but you can build most of them at the hero class merchant.

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17:12 19/7/2008

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