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Autumn Crossing Wars 1.5



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Autumn Crossing Wars- Send creeps over to the opponents side to win-Made By: Virus_CrisisORIGINAL AUTHOR: Kaine Stolkyn and Spiritual NinjaAutumn Crossing was not my original idea

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Introduction Message
*****Welcome to Autumn Crossing TD v1.14; by Kaine_Stolkyn & Spiritual_Ninja. Last patch release: 5-6-04.
-40 Levels; 63 Towers; Boss on 10, 20, 30, and 40.
-To get a specific list of armor types and their corresponding levels, type “-list levels”.
-To sell, just attack the building with your builder.
-The game has a 45 second starting wait before it begins.
-The levels time decreases as the game progresses.
-Score is based off of kills; 1pt/level of the unit you destroy.
-The money automatically given to each player will increase based off of the Total Kills Score, not by each individual player.
-You may NOT enter another player’s area.

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16:36 18/1/2008

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