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-BK’s- Gem TD v3.9 скачать, -BK’s- Gem TD v3.9 download, -BK’s- Gem TD v3.9


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-BK’s- Gem TD v3.9


Bryan K (Bryvx UsWest)

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Features:42 levels – 92 towersUnqiue Style in building, mazing, stratergies, bosses, lives and much more. Combining towers to create more powerful ones. Create special towers from you previous round gems. Heaps of unique stuff-

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[BK's] Gem Tower Defense
[BK's] Gem TD was created with the standard Wc3 Editor. If you see any resembalance to other tower defences like Poker TD or Cube defence, I have not looked at any of those maps, all the triggers I have taught myself. Over 100 hrs of straight work in this map so please don’t ask how to create combines and such.Thanks to turbopower for all the beta testing.
[BK's] Gem Tower Defense
[BK's] Gem TD v1.9 – Changelog
- Added a new Final Damage test with 600,000 Hitpoints instead of 500,000- Improved: Uranium, Blood Stones, Ruby Damage, Wraith Slate (+20% damage), Flawed Emerald (+1 damage), Hold Slate, Enchanted Emerald damage, Great Diamond damage, Air Slate range.- Dimmed: Dark/Enchanted Emerald Stun, China Jade (attack speed, increased gold cost), Lucky China Jade (increased gold cost, gold bonus, damage, critical, attack speed), Pink/Great Pink Diamond (damage).- Added Extreme creeps from level 17 onwards (Extreme Mode)- Basic Slates requirements changed (Removed chipped requirement and added a flawed)- Many small balancing, this version will be the most balanced Gem TD.
[BK's] Gem Tower Defense
[BK's] Gem TD v2.0 – Changelog
- Added Aquamarine, a new base gem- Added 2 new special towers, all with upgrades- Added a Range Check button to gems with an aura- Added a Anti-Stuck button on Miners- Fixed Blocking/Creeps attacking so they will teleport to there destination not the start.- Added an Extra Chance button on your mine to use up more gold- Fixed some create slate bug issues- Fixed text on Hold Slate displaying wrong damage- Increase base move speed on extreme creeps and lowered hitpoints to reduce game time.
[BK's] Gem Tower Defense
[BK's] Gem TD v2.2 – Changelog
- Added a Downgrade button after pressing keep to a gem.- Extra chance is now a higher chance and costs slightly less. The normal chance is 1.25% – Old Extra chance was 4.82% – New Extra chance is 5.95% (Per gem placed, not for the total 5).- Increased hitpoints on level 28 Damage Test (from 100,000 to 150,000) and on last Damage Test (600,000 to 700,000)- Improved Aquamarines damages by about 20% (also fixed Great Aquas range)- Fixed Extra chance cancel bug, not being able to use it when canceled.- Slightly increase attack range of Hold/Ancient Slate, they were sometimes not grabbing.- Changed a few tiles, giving a less bland look, also мейд the map fully symetricical (was a bit off before)- Keep will now appear only after you have мейд 5 gems (I really should of done this earlier :S)- Reworked Ancient BloodStone- Added a new Extra Chance for Slates- Increase chipped ruby min damage by 1- Added a -3 armor aura (1000 range) to all units for the Great Amethyst- Bug fix on some players pressing keep on a special on place, then getting a new gem- Improved Wraith Slate damage stacking and explosion area.
[BK's] Gem Tower Defense
[BK's] Gem TD v2.3 – Changelog
- Redone terrain again mostly back to standard (i believe this was why mac users crashed in 2.2)- Added a few slot machines and black jack tables in the middle, you will need a gambler to play- Maxing Increase Gem Quality will now give you a gambler for the middle- Increased Hold/Ancient Slates range by a little again- The dectection of other slates area when teleporting increased a bit to stop some slate stacking- Increase Hold slates damage bonus from kills (from x15 to x20) and base from 150 to 160- Fixed Opals general aura to always choose the better one- Red can now kick by typing “-kick #” or “-kick color” (Example: “-kick teal” or “-kick 3″ will kick Player 3 Teal from the game), please don’t abuse this hosts…- “-go away” will now cover the players full area to stop some abuse- Mazing Rocks will now appear when you have not pressed keep or combine at the end of the round- Added a gold bonus to the person that kills 1st and 2nd after level 15 (The bonus starts at 5 and 10, increases by 1 every round) this is mainly to promote people to build smaller, more efficiant mazes- Black Opal and Mystic Black Opal auras now stack- Added swap for 200 gold for Black opal and Rose Quartz- Damage kill bonus now works with Star Ruby and Blood Star- Changed model and name of First damage test, also increased it’s min move speed by 10- Sapphire damage is now 100% to all except for blue armor (175%) and Bryvx (0.75%)- New Poison Slate, Spell Slate and Elder Slate.- Increased range on Flawed Amethyst from 1000 to 1125 and improved Aquamarines damages again.- Increased Final Damage Test Hitpoints to 1,000,000 from 700,000
Note: It is so damn hard to make a map idiot-proof and the gambling stuff in the middle is mainly a trial, it is meant to help pass the time in between late rounds.
[BK's] Gem Tower Defense
[BK's] Gem TD v2.4 – Changelog
- Added a whole new Race Mode, no more waiting for others to finish, now you want them to take longer!- Miners now cannot leave their area- In classic mode, when the Final Damage Test runs, game will be displaying awards- A slate text will pop up if your normal gem can become a slate.- 4 Perfect of the same will combine to something other than a Great gem….- Small tweaks with some creeps- Slate Teleport bug “should” be fixed
[BK's] Gem Tower Defense
[BK's] Gem TD v2.5 – Changelog
- Bug fix from Lucky China jade in race mode not giving money- Bug fix in race mode where more then one final damage test comes out- Bug fix when a player leaves, they remove the slot machine they sit on- Bug fix on slate stacking, slates will now not move ontop for a brief time before moving back- Bug fix when not pressing keep/combine, combine special will be removed from that unit- Bug fix on slot machines adding to many symbols- Intro is now activated if Player 1 Red types “-intro” in the first 25 seconds- When a player leaves, all his/her creeps will now disappear- Gems and slates in abilities will say what special they can be combined to.
Note: Sorry about all the bugs in 2.4 versions, but adding a whole new mode was very tricky. Thanks for everyones support.
[BK's] Gem Tower Defense
[BK's] Gem TD v2.7 – Changelog
- Had to skip to v2.7 since someone мейд v2.6 which is fake- Changed load screen mainly because i spelt defense wrong- Star Yellow Sapphire now gives a 5% damage aura and has 5 extra damage- Slate Stacking dectection area increased (from 120 to 200)- Race Mode now has 50 Levels and a Final damage test with 1.5 million Hitpoints- Race Mode Ground creeps will recieve a 2 armor bonus as soon as 1 player reaches Level 10- Race Mode Ground creeps will recieve a 3 armor bonus as soon as 1 player reaches Level 20- Race Mode Ground creeps will recieve a 3 armor bonus as soon as 1 player reaches Level 30- Dark/Enchanted Emerald will now stun the damage tests for 1.5 seconds (up from 1 second)- Intro was not working in v2.5 so i fixed it- Fixed bug on Red Crystal having Swap instead of Rose Quartz- A Quest message will now be displayed when someone creates a special in one hit.- Added 2 more awards at the end of classic mode.- Elder Slate Armor reduction spell will increase by 2 per spell level- Hold Slate stun is now 1.5 seconds (down from 2) and cooldown of 2 seconds, this will make it kill more creeps- Mighty Malachite dimmed slightly
[BK's] Gem Tower Defense
[BK's] Gem TD v2.9 – Changelog
- Had to skip to v2.9 because v2.8 was leaked out in it’s beta stage, seems that i have to get some new beta testers. – Added a new Increase Extra Chance Percent Feature- Fixed Swap, it now works well, thanks Vinxu :D - Fixed Create Slate button still appearing after you have pressed keep which will screw up race mode for the player.- Hopefully fixed bug on kills not being saved when creating specials- Removed level 42 Damage Test in Race Mode- Added level 25 boss that re-runs your maze when it gets to your mine if you don’t kill it. It will get 10,000 hitpoints back everytime it needs to re-run. You will not be able to pass level 25 until you kill it.- Fixed bug when cancelling a Random Gem construction a player does not get 1 lumber back- Great Aquamarine now gives a 10% attack speed aura which stacks with all the other attack speed bonuses.- Great Ruby now can attack 3 targets at 900 range dealing 280 damage per second to each.- Increased range of Slow, Opal Vein, Air and Wraith slate from 100 to 130- Rose Quartz Crystal now has an immolation aura dealing 50 damage per second in 1500 range.- Increased stun chance on Dark/Enchanted Emerald from 10% to 12.5%- Added a game commands icon on Miner- Added an aura to newly placed gems, mainly for late game.- Added “-kills” command which displays a current selected gems kills
[BK's] Gem Tower Defense
[BK's] Gem TD v3.0 – Changelog
- Added 3 new Slates- Fixed create special not saving kills- Race Mode: ReRunner lvl25 heal reduced from 10,000 to 5,000 and hitpoints from 100,000 to 50,000- Few changes to icons on main screen such as idle worker and lumber- Fixed Increase extra chance – ” -kills ” did not work because warcraft can’t tell the difference between each players selection so i had to remove it- Changed Range check for gems with auras up to 800 AoE, this new display is more accurate- Small Tweaks to various stuff- Star Ruby & Blood Star damage is now in shorter pulses which gives more even constant damage
[BK's] Gem Tower Defense
[BK's] Gem TD v3.9 – Changelog
- Building on Slates trying to stack will not work anymore – You don’t need to slate stack to kill the damage test. . .- ReRunner now get -10 armor every time he needs to re-run, and he will stop healing 5,000 after 4 re-runs- Buffs to Spell and Elder Slate attack range and some spells- When combining special to Elder / Viper slate or Star ruby, the correct level of ability is shown- Buff on Viper Slates Damage aura – from 250 to 400 range and now goes up 5% with each 10 kills- Poison / Elder Slate initial poison hit increased more with kills- Fixed some typos and added a warning when Re-Runner spawns at level 25- Slightly reduced upgrade costs for some special towers- Slate teleport stacking dectection area increased from 200 to 220- Fixed L.C. Jade unstunning an Ancient Slate grab (hopefully)- Added mid and final level statistics in race mode- Ancient Blood Stone Spell replaced with a Blood Lightning hit, it will level with more kills along with the towers critical damage- All Amethysts damage and range slightly increased- Race Mode final damage test hitpoints increase from 1,500,000 to 2,000,000 – it’s still possible to kill though

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