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Burbenog TD v3.01 War Time- скачать, Burbenog TD v3.01 War Time- download, Burbenog TD v3.01 War Time-


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Burbenog TD v3.01 War Time-



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2 or 4


Thousand thanks to Shvegait to let me do what i want…A new version for the Td burbenog. If you’re don’t afraid by challenge, come an dtry to get Hygarion The Ultimate Being….

Доборная информация:

Version 1.34
Version 1.35
Version 1.34 (6/2/03)
Bug Fixes:Cloud Cooler splash damage no longer destroys friendly air units.Fixed a bug that allowed you to cede or sell an Altar of Heavens while it is reviving a Hero.Fixed a major bug with the Temple of Death that мейд it useless.Numerous other fixes.
General Changes:Changed the name of the Squall Invoker to Squall Evoker.Gold Mines can now be sold.Augmented the Reference section to include information on towers.
Balance Changes:Increased the overall damage of the Flamethrower, Squall Evoker, Sheep Launcher, Charge Grounder, and Power Plant.Decreased the overall damage of the Siege Tank, Permafrost Maker, and Sludge Producer.Purifier attack speed increased.Altar of Heavens cost reduced to 165 from 205. Also, Holy Light now deals twice as much damage to Undead.Aura Generator cost reduced to 345 from 405. Its damage has been proportionately reduced.Disease Wagon full splash radius and damage increased.Decreased the attack speed of the Giant Fungus.Priestess of the Sky movement and attack speed increased.Raging Twister and Cone of Radiance damage increased.Static Field Generator casts Lightning Shield much more often now.Magic Dampener cost lowered to 195 from 210.
Version 1.35 (6/3/03)
Bug Fixes:Reverted the weapon/armor type changes мейд by the v1.06 patch.Fixed a bug that caused the Static Field Generator not to autocast Lightning Shield.
Balance Changes:Seal Cannon damage increased.Siege Tank damage decreased.Power Plant damage decreased.Squall Evoker damage decreased slightly.Stormspire attack speed decreased.Magic Vault items are significantly cheaper now but take longer to restock.
Version 2.02
Version 2.23
Version 1.31
Version 1.31 (5/9/03)
General Changes:Gold Mine operates differently now. Instead of getting 3 gold for each creep you kill, you know get 2*Level gold at the end of each round. Their cost has been reverted back to 500 from 750. They can also now be transfered with the -cede command (for when you’re feeling generous)Altered some of the tips.
Balance Changes:Squall Invoker damage increased.Energy Pulse Emitter attack speed increased.
Version 1.4
Version 1.37
Version 1.37 (6/5/03)
Bug Fixes:Fixed a bug with the Gold Mine that allowed it to generate not only gold at the end of the round, but also gold for each kill.
General Changes:Kills uncounted by that infamous bug are now handled in this manner: You now receive the total bounty missed by these uncounted kills divided by the number of players in the game, so that all players will receive an equal amount of extra bounty.The enemies are now colorized according to where they spawn to help let you know how far along a round is without having to keep track.Updated the Reference section to include the minimum ranges of towers that have them.Magic Vault now sells the Necklace of Spell Immunity, but no longer sells the Sobi Mask.Most Heroes should have more mana regeneration overall now.
Balance Changes:Increased the life of the following levels: 20, 28, 36, 38, 39, and 40.
Version 2.2 (1/19/04)
Bug Fixes:Fixed a bug with cede that allowed players to transfer control of governors and technology structures.Numerous other bug fixes.
Improvements:Pathing and Siege levels have been reworked. The triggering is now much more efficient. As such, over 100 triggers were removed from the map which should mean a smaller map size and faster load times. Commands were also reworked to have more efficient triggering.Added the old beta version history for completeness.Added several new minor secret codes.
Balance Changes:Cannon Tower splash radii reduced to 150/225/300 from 150/250/350 and range reduced to 900 from 1000.Aerial Shackler cost reduced to 160 from 180, cooldown lowered to 8 seconds from 10 seconds, and damage increased to 30/sec from 20/sec.Hexing Tower range increased to 600 from 500.Purging Tower pause removed, but slow duration increased.Increased the life of levels 12, 13, 20, 28, 38, and 40.
Version 0.9
Version 2.13
Beta Version 0.9 (4/18/03)
Lives are back in, you’ll lose when you run out.Some fire and thunder buildings weakened, specifically the Flamethrower. The Flamethrower and Squall Invoker are also slower now in order to SIGNIFICANTLY reduce slowdown/lag. (Damage on them has been increased, but overall damage output is decreased.)Level 35 is now also an invisible level.Level 39 (Black Dragons) life lowered.Fixed some random display bugs.Death Knight’s Death Coil damage increased.The cost of most items in the Magic Vault has been significantly reduced.Magic Vault now becomes owned by Neutral Passive when built.Note: The items in the Magic Vault are not finalized.Doubled the radius and duration of Mass Cancellation.
This map is now fully playable.Balancing needs to be done, definitely. If you come across any ideas or suggestions you may have (bugs too) email me at
Version 2.13 (12/27/03)
Improvements:Added the -revert command for upgraded Hybrid towers. It functions similarly to sell, except the base tower remains and 75% of the gold is returned. However, it requires the Revert Tower upgrade which can be researched at the Hybridizer for 100 gold.Rain of Fire- and Blizzard-based skills no longer damage Heroes.Changed a couple of attack arts.
Balance Changes:Cyclone Caster changed to Aerial Shackler.Sleep Caster changed to Hexing Tower.Static Field Generator now casts Forked Lightning.Magic Vault moved to the Hero builder and replaced with the Mind Ripper, which deals large amounts of Magic type damage and casts Banish.Epidemic Catalyst improved and мейд cheaper.Decreased the build times of most Hybrid towers.Knights’ Quarters now have a 5% chance to cast a weak Storm Bolt with each attack.Immolator, Nova Shocker, Magic Dampener, SAM Battery damage decreased slightly.Temple of Death, Thunder Cloud Creator attack speed decreased slightly.Permafrost Maker, Nerubian Ziggurat damage increased slightly.Ancient of Wind, Ancient of Lore, attack speed increased slightly and spell damage increased. Cryogenics Lab speed increased.Increased Heroes’ speed maximum to 500.Other miscellaneous changes.
Version 2.23 (2/7/04)
Improvements:Changed a couple of attack arts.
Bug Fixes:Aerial Shackler can now target Goblin Zeppelins.
Balance Changes:Enchanted Arrow Turret’s Searing Arrows now cost 10 mana, up from 8.Arrow Turret, Thunder Cloud Creator, Firebomb Tower, Rock Hurler attack speed reduced.Cannon Tower, SAM Battery, Sheep Launcher, Poison Arrow Turret, Holy Хэнд Grenadier, Seal Cannon, Disease Wagon, Acid Spitter, Blade Guardian, Gale Blaster damage decreased slightly.Dragoon Roost attack speed increased slightly.Purging Tower cost reduced to 285 from 335.Hexing Tower cooldown decreased to 10 seconds from 15.Nerubian Ziggurat Web cooldown decreased to 10 seconds from 20. The duration remains at 20 seconds.Firestorm Caster damage reduced from 350 per wave to 275 per wave.Blizzard Caster damage reduced from 500 per wave to 400 per wave.Infernal Caster damage increased to 1000 from 500.
Version 1.4 (6/12/03)
General Changes:Added 2 new governors, Lisk the Hybrid governor, who can select from towers of all elements but must pay extra for each tower and can’t get Heroes or Ultimate structures, and Uther the Hero governor, who has a unique selection of buildings that focuses on Heroes and also has the potential to summon 3 Heroes out of any of the 10. Neither is recommended for beginners!
Balance Changes:Giant Cactus damage decreased.Heaven’s Wrath damage increased.Cyclone Caster cost reduced to 200 from 240.Infection Intensifier bonus damage reduced to 500 from 750 per disease.Priestess of the Sky’s Starfall damage greatly increased.Magnetic Field Disruptor damage increased.
Bug Fixes:Fixed a major bug with the Epidemic Catalyst that caused the game to stall.
Version 0.3
Version 1.38
Version 1.38 (6/6/03)
General Changes:Updated the Reference section to include a section containg a couple equations.Modified the losing ending somewhat.The Missed Kills fix should work properly now (see 1.37 log)
Balance Changes:Ice Launcher splash radii decreased to 125/200/275 from 125/250/375.Firebomb Tower splash radii increased to 250/325/400 from 175/325/400. Firestorm Caster now deals 350 damage per wave, up from 200, and has an area of effect radius of 250, up from 200.Blizzard Caster now deals 500 damage per wave, up from 300, and has an area of effect radius of 300, up from 175.Also increased the effectiveness of the Winter Witch’s Blizzard and the Warlock’s Meteor Swarm.Epidemic Catalyst effect now spreads to all units within a distance of 250 from the targeted unit.Sleep Caster cost reduced to 180 from 235.Swapped the costs of the Cyclone Caster and Ancient of Wind.Ancient of Wind damage increased.Build times of some towers changed to reflect cost changes.
Version 2.02 (7/21/03)
Bug Fixes:Fixed a bug that would sometimes cause a level immediately after a Siege round to attack a base.Fixed a bug that would rarely cause an invisible unit to be stuck in its spawning region.
Balance Changes:Holy Хэнд Grenadier dispel radius was toned down.
General Changes:Cancelling a structure before it is completed now returns 100% resources. This also applies to cancelling Hybrid structure upgrades.Decreased the cost of reviving Heroes.Hybrid towers now have newbie-friendly warnings.Some tower models have been changed.Level 41 now has a total of 15 members… Good luck!
Version 2.1
Version 2.1 (8/29/03)
Bug Fixes:Fixed an issue with the Morale Booster, Siege Tank, Guardian Angel, and Magnetic Field Disruptor that мейд them disconnect players on occasion.Many minor bug fixes.
Balance Changes:Winter Witch attack speed decreased.Some Hero abilities were toned down.Morale Booster damage decreased.
Version 1.42
Version 1.42 (6/14/03)
Bug Fixes:Fixed many bugs with the Morale Booster.Miscellaneous fixes.
General Changes:Fountain of Restoration changed to Fountain of Mana.Added the Ring of Greater Magnetism to the Paladins’ Guild’s wares. It costs 200 gold and 1 lumber, and it has the ability to move attacked units very close to your Hero(es). Use at your own risk!Hero altars now all cost 100 gold.
Balance Changes:Items sold at the Paladins’ Guild are generally more expensive now.Some of the Heroes have been changed, some improved, others weakened.
Version 1.41
Version 1.41 (6/13/03)
General Changes:Fountain of Restoration now only restores mana.Morale Booster now has a chance of casting Heal, which heals 200 hit points to an allied Hero.
Balance Changes:Blade Guardian damage decreased slightly.Many changes to Hybrid and Hero towers.
Bug Fixes:Many fixes dealing with Hybrid and Hero towers.
Version 1.43 (6/25/03)
This will be the final version of Burbenog TD for WC3: Reign of Chaos.
General Changes:Added a new level to Normal and Hard difficulties.Hybrid now has an ultimate structure, called the Transmuter, that can randomly morph into most non-ultimate advanced towers.Added 5 new tips and modified others. Also added Heroes to Reference.New items: Shield of Absorption and Demonic Girdle.
Balance Changes:Increased the cost of the Ring of Greater Magnetism to 250/1.The Hybridizer is now an upgrade to the Technology Structure, costing the same as every other technology building.Hero towers no longer gain bonuses for having Heroes, but do slightly more regular damage than before.Hero Altars now all cost only 50 gold each, and the Paladins’ Guild now costs 100 gold and 1 lumber.Cyclone Caster and Sleep Caster ranges reduced, durations increased, and cooldowns lengthened.Acid Spitter damage decreased slightly.Holy Хэнд Grenadier damage vs. Undead doubled.
Bug Fixes:Fixed a good number of errors with tooltips and graphics.Various minor bug fixes.Fixed a major bug with the Seal Cannon that caused it to disconnect players. It is cheaper and weaker now, but the adjustment was proportional, so it is just as cost-effective as before.
Beta Version 0.3 (3/24/03)
26 Levels (There will be 50)Heroes disabledGuardians disabledCrosstech towers unavailableGovernor-Specific towers unavailableAll elements have 3 basic towers, tech building, and 2 advanced towers.All towers that should have triggers have them functioning (some need to be tested)-sell enabled-give disabled-cede disabled-lumber disabled (These last three would work, but they can crash the game if misused, so more work needs to be done here…)Lives lost are added instead of subtracted, since this is a test of both bugs and balance.Level 20 (Attackers) should not function properly.Level 24 (Bloodlust) should function properly.Shade Guardian (Death) allowed at Necropolis for True SightAnti-stuck towers not perfect
Version 0.4
Version 2.27
Beta Version 0.4
Currently 35 LevelsFlamethrower bug fixedSheep Launcher weakenedSludge Producer weakenedAura Generator attack rate increasedCrystal Shrine now does 100 Chaos damage instead of using triggers to deal the damage.Player has left messages now included (tower still aren’t divied up yet)Stun, Sleep, Cyclone problems not fixedCyclone Caster is no longer automatically casted to prevent constantly cycloned creeps. In the future, it may be able to be toggled from auto cast and non-auto cast.Static Field Generator’s lightning shield does not give credit to the owner if it kills the enemy. Most attackers gained a life increaseHigher tech Magic towers now need the libraryOther changes too… umm, not sure…-give enabled (YAY!)-cede enabled (WOOHOO!)-lumber enabled (ALL RIGHT!)And of course, you can build in that spot where it looks like you should be able to build by the cliff now ;) Spiffied up the center a bit
Version 0.4a
Version 2.11 Fixes
Version 2.11 (12/23/03) Page 1
Improvements:The pathing creeps now appear Light Blue, instead of Brown, on the minimap.Repairing towers no longer causes you to lose lumber. All towers now consume 1 gold for every 2 seconds of repairing, which repairs 1/60 of the tower.
Bug Fixes:Fixed the bugs with abilities caused by the 1.13 patch.Abilities are now in the Object Editor instead of the AbilityData.slk file. This has significantly reduced the size of this map.Fixed a bug with the Gold Mine.
Beta Version 0.4a
Ghosts no longer have the Ghost ability (lol) so they don’t stack. They are still invisible (Permanent Invisibility).Gyrocopters can be produced at the Human Workshop now. They attack air units and have the valuable True Sight ability.Fixed a crash with the -give, -cede, and -lumber commands (hopefully they’re flawless now)Added a secret command (not a cheat) hehehehe, I’m making you guess what it is (maybe you already know)Blade Guardian cost increased from 40 to 50.Cannon Tower cost increased from 30 to 35 and мейд slightly slower.SAM Battery cost increased from 50 to 60 and increased damage slightly.Flamethrower damage increasedCloud Cooler attack speed increasedAxe Tower damage increased slightlyGiant Cactus now has a secondary attack vs. air unitsUnholy Exuder now attacks both land and air units, instead of land units only.Black Caster’s Death Coil damage increasedAltar of Heavens’s Holy Light damage increasedFirebolt Casters’ Firebolt damage increasedSeveral random minor changes
Version 0.4b
Version 2.27 (2/21/04)
General Changes:All levels, not just air ones, are now invulnerable for 3 seconds before starting to move.Added a secret difficulty level. It becomes accessible once you beat the game on hard difficulty.Added several additional secrets, as well.Sniper’s Flak Shells replaced with Flash Grenade, which temporarily slows organic units and gives them a chance to miss.
Bug Fixes:Stasis Tower now correctly has a 25% chance to stun on an attack.
Balance Changes:Chilling Towers’ bonus damage removed.Stasis Tower can now also stun air units.Priest of Quel’Thalas’ Dispel Magic damage and radii reduced, and its cooldown is now constant at 8 seconds.Priest of Quel’Thalas’ Spirit Form splash radii decreased to 25/50/75 from 50/150/250.Rotting Flesh’s Slow Poison speed reduction is now a constant 50%/25% and its duration has been reduced slightly.Some Heroes’ damage reduced.Some spells’ mana cost increased.Slightly reduced the effectiveness of Blade Guardians, Disease Wagons, Arrow Turrets, Cannon Towers, SAM Batteries, Ballistae, Sheep Launchers, and Holy Хэнд Grenadiers.
See previous update logs for more recent updates.
Beta Version 0.4b (3/26/03)
-on and -off commands enabled. These commands allow you to turn on or off auto casting of tower spells. Examples of towers affected by this are the Cyclone Tower, Sleep Tower, and Static Field Generator.All casters are initially set to -onCyclone Caster trigger has been re-enabled now that -on and -off are functioning.Magic Dampener now has Dispel Magic instead of Abolish Magic.Player has left message should display now.When a player leaves, all of that players’ towers and units are distributed randomly among the remaining players except Governors, technology buildings, and Burbenog Outposts.
Version 0.5
Beta Version 0.5
Increase efficiency of anti-stuck towersPrevent stunned, etc. units from losing their orders (not perfect but works well enough)Crystal Shrine range increased from 500 to 800.Needler range decreased from 650 to 600.Nova Shocker range increased from 400 to 450.Assassin’s Den now even faster against air units.Blade Guardian now fires at a rate of 2 blades per second instead of 3 per second.Chilling Tower can now attack land units as well as air, but with decreased speed.Thunder Cloud Creator range increased to 1000, but speed lowered slightly as well.Crystal Shrine now slows enemies by slightly more than before.Firebolt Caster has been replaced with the Firestorm Caster, which casts Rain of Fire.Fixed a minor issue with the leaderboard.Мейд various other minor changes.
Wish List:Add guardians for each elementAdd heroes for each elementAdd cross-tech towersAdd governor-specific towersAdd levels 36-50
Version 0.5a
Beta Version 0.5a (3/29/03)
Added the following Heroes: Sniper (Human), Rotting Flesh (Poison), Death Knight (Death), Keeper of the Grove (Earth), and Priestess of the Sky (Wind)Added the following towers: Seal Cannon (Ice/Human), Poison Arrow Turret (Human/Poison), Nerubian Ziggurat (Death/Wind), Magic Vault (Magic)Added the following units: Necromancer (Death)
Increased the mana regeneration of the Enchanted Arrow Turret from 1.0 per second to 2.5 per second.Slightly increased the damage of the Stasis Tower.Increased the damage of the Magic Dampener.Significantly increased the damage of the Thunder Cloud Creator and slightly increased its attack speed.Increased the speed of the the Stormspire.Increased the range of the Ancient of Wind from 400 to 500.Reduced the damage of the Ancient of Lore’s melee attack and gave it the ability to cast Shockwave once every 12 seconds.Slightly increased the damage of the Firebomb Tower.Increased the damage of the Flamethrower.Increased the mana of the Firestorm Caster so that it can cast Rain of Fire.You can no longer give gold, lumber, or buildings to players not in the game.Fixed the sound set of Pyrus; it is no longer a Farm.
Level 28 (Inner Fire) still doesn’t work.
Version 0.6
Beta Version 0.6Implemented a new difficulty level voting system.Each player gets one vote. In the case of a tie, Red’s vote is counted above all others. If no one votes, or there is a tie and Red does not vote, then the default settings will be used.The difficulty levels are as follows:Easy – 50 LivesNormal – 25 Lives (default)Hard – 1 LifeThe length levels are as follows:Short – 25 LevelsMedium – 35 LevelsFull – 50 Levels (default)You now lose lives, and the game will end when your current number of lives reaches zero.If a player slot is not filled at the start of a game, much like when a player leaves in the middle of a game, that player’s Burbenog outposts will be distributed and it’s governor chooser will be destroyed.Disease Wagon no longer damages your buildings.Increased the movement speed of the Rotting Flesh and Death Knight.Forest Troll High Priests (Level 28) changed to Ice Troll High Priests. They now cast Frost Armor instead of Inner Fire, and they cast it properly.Added the following buildings: Purging Tower (Thunder + Magic), Heaven’s Wrath (Thunder + Holy)Necromancers now also have the Raise Dead ability. The Necropolis provides the corpses needed for this spell.Changed the Light Beacon and Purifier so that they will always do the bonus damage to Undead unless it is a killing blow.Arrow Turrets now cost 7 gold, up from 6.
Version 0.6a
Beta Version 0.6a
All 50 levels are now in the game.Short games last only 20 levels, instead of 25.Added the following towers: Celestial Winds (Holy/Wind), Tempestuous Detonator (Wind/Human), Epidemic Catalyst (Poison/Death), Immolator (Fire/Death)Added the following units: Banshee (Magic), Sorceress (Magic)A message is now displayed whenever an enemy unit enters the center region of the map.Fixed an issue with -cede that allowed players to cede builders along with the towers they were constructing.All buildings are fully repaired upon the completion of a round.Only buildings with their maximum life can be sold or ceded.The following changes to Hero experience will go into effect:When a player’s Hero reaches level 4, the rate of experience for all of that player’s Heroes drops from 10% to 7%.When a player’s Hero reaches level 6, the rate of experience for all of that player’s Heroes drops from 7% to 5%.Arrow Turret now slightly faster.Gale Blaster now slightly faster.Thunder Cloud Creator now slightly faster.Sniper range increased from 800 to 900.Priestess of the Sky attack rate increased.Significantly increased the damage of Skeleton Warriors.Seal Cannon no longer splashes against air units. It still deals splash damage against land units.Thorns and Devotion Aura should now properly affect buildings.Level 46 (Anti-Magic Shell) does not function.
Version 0.6b
Beta Version 0.6b
Added the following units: Mortar Team (Human), Treant (Earth), Dryad (Earth)Fixed the bug that caused the game to end at level 35 even when a full-length game was selected.The Sorceress and the Magic Vault now correctly require Jaina.
See Version 0.6a for most of the recently added stuff.
Version 0.6c
Beta Version 0.6c (4/2/03)
Blade Guardian мейд slightly fasterFlamethrower damage increasedWarning messages for invisible levels at level 10 and before each invisible levelLives disabled for testing purposesFixed a bug that caused units under construction to be fully repaired at the end of a level.
Version 0.7
Beta Version 0.7
Decreased the number of levels from 50 to 40 for a full game.Medium-length games now last 30 levels, down from 35.Eliminated all non-hero units except Shades and Gyrocopters.Removed the gyrocopter’s attack and мейд them cheaper.All governors now have food fixed at 20.Added the following towers: Acid Spitter (Poison/Fire), Infection Intensifier (Poison, ultimate)Fixed the timing of the Stasis Tower; units stunned by them should attack towers much more rarely now.Decreased the damage of the Thunder Cloud Creator slightly.Increased the damage of most higher end towers and some middle cost towers, significantly in some cases.Tempestuous Detonator now slows air units in the area of effect of the tempest to 30% of their normal speed. They then regain 10% of their speed each second.Increased the effectiveness of the Celestial Winds.
Version 0.7a
Beta Version 0.7a
Added the following Heroes: Archmage (Magic), Priest of Quel’Thalas (Holy)Tempestuous Detonator now slows air units to 50% instead of 30%. The slow duration is now 5 seconds instead of 7; it still increases by 10 percentage points per second.
Version 0.7b
Beta Version 0.7b (4/6/03)
Added the remaining Heroes: Winter Witch (Ice), Warlock (Fire), Samurai of Storms (Thunder)Fixed many issues with Hero abilities.The following Heroes have add ability changes:Keeper of the Grove (Earth) – Lost Thorns Aura, gained Far SightPriestess of the Sky (Wind) – Lost Searing Arrows, gained Raging TwisterDeath Knight (Death) – Lost Death Coil, gained Raise DeadSniper (Human) – Lost Mana Burn, gained HasteIncreased the damage and attributes of Heroes.Heroes always gain 10% experience from kills now.Fixed the bounty and experience level of higher level creeps.Light Beacon damage increasedMagic Dampener damage increased
Notes:Firebolt, Entangling Roots, and Polymorph cause units to stop/attack. This should be fixed in the next version, or maybe the one after that, depends on how lazy i am ;)
Version 0.8
Beta Version 0.8Added Siege levels. They are levels 19, 27, 34, and 37. Beware, they will attack your towers! One of your best defenses against Siege attackers is the Holy element, which can build towers resistant to enemy attackers. Also, any ability that slows attack rate or lowers damage can be very beneficial. In the case that they attack your Hero, abilities like Inner Fire, Frost Armor, etc. could find some use here. Still, the best way to deal with these enemies is just to kill them and kill them quickly.
Sorry, there is no way to sell, cede, or repair damage buildings in the middle of a level. If a building survives to the end of a level and is a completed structure, it will be fully repaired and can then be sold/ceded.
In the unlikely that all of your towers in an area will be wiped out, know that Siege attackers turn inward at their first opportunity; they do not travel to all players’ starting locations. Keep this in mind when deciding where to build your towers. Also, towers built on elevated cliffs are immune to attackers, but need to have long range to be effective. Attackers will not go after very out of the way towers.Siege attackers only spawn in areas where a governor is alive. So if you start at teal and decide to build at blue, the attackers will still originate at teal and will turn inward before they get to blue’s area. Sorry about the inconvenience if this situation ever comes up. I’ll try to think of some way around it, but for now, that is how it is, so deal with it!Modified some hero abilities slightly.Fixed a glaring bug with Celestial Winds.Priest of Quel’Thalas’ Spirit Form much faster and stronger now.SAM Battery damage increased.Crystal Shrine attack speed slightly increased.
Version 0.8a
Version 2.15
Beta Version 0.8a
All elements now have some form of True Sight. The new forms:Fire – Visionary Flame (like Reveal) – cast at Foundry.Ice – Magic Sentry – research at Freezer, affects Chilling Towers only.Thunder – Storm Vulture – summon at Generator.Poison – Troll Witch Doctor – train at Factory, has no attack and can only cast Sentry Ward.
Added the following towers: Holy Хэнд Grenadier (Human/Holy), Siege Tank (Human, ultimate), Blizzard Caster (Magic/Ice), Infernal Caster (Magic/Fire)
Slightly reduced the cost of the following towers: Sleep Caster (Death), Cyclone Caster (Wind), Epidemic Catalyst (Poison), Static Field Generator (Thunder), Aura Generator (Holy)
Version 2.15 (12/31/03)Improvements:Took the attacks away from non-Siege units.Raised the maximum level of Heroes to 12. Each of their basic skills now has 4 levels, and their ultimates have 2 levels. each. Also added a 5th skill to each Hero.Added buttons for -sell, -revert, -on, and -off. The old method of typing still works for these commands.Decreased the loading time of Heroes and Level 41 but increased the initial loading time.
Bug Fixes:Lots of random bug fixes, mainly tooltip issues.
Balance Changes:Hero experience gain rate increased.Priestess of the Sky’s damage type changed to Piercing.Archmage’s damage type changed to Magic.Aura Generator’s Trueshot and Devotion auras radii decreased to 600 from 900 and damage decreased slightly.Sludge Producer, Infernal Caster, Book of the Gods damage increased slightly.Celestial Winds, Phase Disruptor range increased by 200 each.Temple of Death’s effectiveness halved but attack speed reverted to its 2.02 speed.Transmuter cost reduced to 500 from 550.Needler damage increased slightly and attack speed decreased slightly (overall slight improvement).Altar of Heavens can now heal buildings with its Restore Tower ability.Increased the attack damage of Level 34 (Chaos Raiders).Мейд Level 41 even more difficult on Hard difficulty…
Version 0.8b
Beta Version 0.8b
The Infernal Caster now correctly deals damage/stun.Winter Witch attack speed lowered.Winter Witch Freezing Breath ability should cause units to follow the correct path now.Flaming Arrow Turret attack speed slightly increased.Energy Pulse Emitter attack speed slightly decreased.Fixed a bug with the Static Field Generator.Tried doing something with AI and Guard Positions. Maybe this will prevent random attacking? We shall see.
For other recent updates see Version 0.8a.
Version 0.8c
Beta Version 0.8c
Siege levels’ damage SIGNIFICANTLY lowered.Crystal Shrine now has a new ability: It deals 100 bonus damage and slows Raiders (Siege levels)Warnings are now given before siege levels.Buildings transfered from one player to another now repair properly at the end of a round.Melee Heroes move faster now, ranged Heroes’ movement speed has been slightly increased.Most Heroes now have higher intelligence.Frost Armor, Bloodlust, Anti-Magic Shell now last much longer in order to make dispelling them more important.Towers that cast spells now start with full mana.
Version 0.8d
Beta Version 0.8d
Unholy Exuder’s aura is now better… it just is.Stasis Tower damage increased.Cannon Tower nerfed (a little)Arrow Turret slightly slowerFirebomb Tower damage slightly increasedFlamethrower damage slightly increasedStatic Field Generator cost slightly decreasedNova Shocker damage slightly increasedMaybe something else
See v0.8c changes if you don’t like to see your base get messed up.
Version 0.8e
Beta Version 0.8eSiege attackers do even less damage now.Siege attackers now give double bounty.Added the following towers: Magnetic Field Disruptor (Death/Thunder), Enfeebler (Death, ultimate), Temple of the Faerie Flame (Fire/Earth), Volcanic Fissure (Fire, ultimate), Book of the Gods (Holy/Magic), Guardian Angel (Holy, ultimate)Black Dragons are now actually immune to magic.Level 29 correctly displays the warning for an invisible level.Holy Хэнд Grenadier damage increased.Siege Tank damage decreased.Giant Cactus cost and damage increased very slightly for no real reason. Its anti-air damage was increased more.Flamethrower damage increasedFlaming Arrow Turret splash radius increased slightly.Firebomb Tower damage increased slightly.Blade Guardian attack speed slighlty increased.Temple of Death cost reduced to 440 from 490 Purifier and Crystal Shrine’s attack speeds have been increased.Sentry Tower damage increased.Far Sight duration increased from 25 seconds to 40 seconds.Visionary Flame duration increased from 15 seconds to 30 seconds.Death Knight’s Death and Decay now does 6% dmg/sec.Priestess of the Sky movement speed increased and Cold Arrows chill length increased by 2 seconds.Infection Intensifier now costs 750 gold and dmg changed slightly.The Magic Builder now builds like an Orc rather than like a Human to clear up any confusion.Necropolis’ corpses will no longer look like shades.The leaderboard sorts by # of kills now.Enchanted Arrow Turret Cold Arrows chill increased to 3 seconds.Enchanted Arrow Turret Searing Arrows damage reduced to 8.
Version 0.8f
Beta Version 0.8f
Added the following towers: Giant Fungus (Earth/Poison), Charge Grounder (Earth/Thunder), Gold Mine (Earth, ultimate)Dragon Roost and Volcanic Fissure weakened somewhat.Warlock can cast Inner Fire on himself now.Archmage Teleport casting delays lowered to 2/1/0 seconds.Archmage damage increased.Infernal Caster damage decreased from 500 to 400.Radius of Immolation and Lightning Shield (on towers and Heroes) has been increased from 160 to 250.Frost Armor chill length and armor duration now increase at higher levels (since it’s never useful anyway… any ideas for a new spell? anyone?)Death Knight’s Skeleton Warriors are slightly stronger and faster now. Also, by popular demand (well, one person), the Death Knight can once again cast Death Coil. This has replaced Dark Ritual.Winter Witch’s Freezing Breath duration changed from 1/2/3 seconds to 0.8/1.6/2.4 seconds.Stinko’s Disease Cloud now lasts 120 seconds, up from 90.Guardian Angel can now replenish some life and mana.
Check out the version 0.8e log as well…
Version 0.8g
Beta Version 0.8g (4/17/03)
Added the following towers: Squall Invoker (Wind/Ice, sorry no Giant Fan or AC Unit…), Sky Dominator (Wind, ultimate), Permafrost Maker (Ice/Earth), Cryogenics Lab (Ice, ultimate), Power Plant (Thunder, ultimate)
Towers left to add: 0
Raised the cost of the Tempestuous Detonator from 350 to 380.Giant Fungus damage lowered and splash radius reduced.Heaven’s Wrath damage decreased.Charge Grounder damage decreased slightly.Miscellaneous minor changes.
Gold Mine should work now.Volcanic Fissure damage decreased (it still has immense splash radius)Death and Decay now deals 10%/second
Mysterious Gap
Several undocumented changes were мейд between 0.9 and 1.0.(Since the update log was completely wiped after the beta, there was no reason to add more beta changes.)Listed below is one month worth of beta logs. This is added for completeness and also to show more of the behind-the-scenes process for anyone who cares.
Version 2.11 Balance
Version 2.11 (12/23/03) Page 2
Balance Changes:Volcanic Fissure toned down!Cannon Tower, Seal Cannon, Sheep Launcher, Holy Хэнд Grenadier, Chilling Tower damage decreased slightly.Death Knight’s Death and Decay reduced to 6% max life per second, down from 10%.Ice Launcher splash radii reduced to 125/175/225 from 125/200/275.Heroes now gain 4 points of damage per point of their primary attribute, up from 1.Crystal Shrine now uses the Polar Attraction ability (Taunt) during Siege rounds, instead of slowing attackers’ movement speeds.Axe Tower, Rock Hurler attack speed increased slightly.Sky Dominator, Squall Evoker range increased.Disease Wagon, Ballista, and Ancient of Wind, Gale Blaster, SAM Battery damage increased slightly.Sludge Producers and Poison Arrow Turrets now have the Vile Poison ability, an improved version of Slow Poison.Temple of the Faerie Flame speed increased.Celesital Winds cost reduced to 395 from 455.Purging Tower now additionally pauses units for a fraction of a second.Blade Guardian now has a bouncing attack but also has slightly reduced damage.Higher end Hybrid base towers’ cost reduced.Aura Generator’s Devotion and Trueshot auras, as well as the Giant Cactus’ Thorns Aura, now affect friendly structures. Their values have been tweaked to balance this change.Sleep Caster and Cyclone Caster costs reduced.Lots of minor changes.
Version 2.21
Version 2.21 (1/30/04)
Bug Fixes:Many minor bug fixes.Modified the Repair abilities. Greatly increased the cost of powerbuilding towers such as the Seal Cannon.
Improvements:Decreased memory leakage.Magic Vault’s Necklace of Immunity replaced with Kelen’s Dagger of Escape.Changed a couple of attack arts.
Balance Changes:Thunder Cloud Creator, Firebomb Tower, Arrow Turret attack speed decreased.Power Plant, Blade Guardian, Poison Arrow Turret damage decreased slightly.Holy Хэнд Grenadier splashing bonus vs. Undead radius decreased.Axe Tower, Rock Hurler, Sludge Producer attack speed increased slightly.Ziggurat, Ancient of Lore, Siege Tank damage increased slightly.Cryogenics Lab cost reduced to 650/1 from 750/1.Magnetic Field Disruptor cost reduced to 510 from 550 and damage increased slightly.
Version 2.3
Version 2.3 (11/6/04)
Bug Fixes:Fixed a bug caused by 1.17 that allowed frost attacks to affect units immune to magic.Fixed a bug caused by 1.17 that мейд Frost Armor permanently slow melee Heroes.Fixed a bug caused by 1.15 that мейд Stinko Man’s Acid Vomit permanently stun its target.Fixed the bug that sometimes caused a flying attacking unit to remain invulnerable, ending in inevitable defeat. Now, any unit that remains invulnerable will be мейд vulnerable 20 seconds into a siege round.Fixed an issue with Celestial Winds that allowed units to get trapped in the water surrounding the edge of the map.Fixed an issue with the Frost Arrow Turret that caused it to not deal damage a large portion of the time.Fixed some minor tooltip errors.
Version 2.31
Version 2.31 (6/15/05)
General Changes:Added a button on towers for ceding them. It opens up a submenu from which you can choose what player to transfer towers to.Towers and Heroes now have range and attack type information in their tooltips for easy reference.Towers with special triggered abilities (i.e. Phase Disruptor) now have passive abilities on them that show what abilities each tower has.You no longer need to unlock expert difficulty to vote for it.Changed the Ctrl+Click give increment to 1 to make it easier to exchange small amounts the standard way.Heroes are now invulnerable… until you lose ;) Added a couple of new secret commands…
Bug Fixes:Fixed an exploit dealing with certain towers with special effects that occurred whenever they initiated an attack.
Balance Changes:Archmage’s ultimate changed to Negate Resistance, which removes spell immunity (permanently) from units in a target area.Axe Tower damage up slightly, speed up slightly.Enchanted Arrow Turret damage up slightly.Added some splash to the Sky Dominator’s attack.Altar of Heavens cost reduced to 145 from 165.Quake Tower Slam effect radius increased slightly.Magic Dampener Dispel Magic area of effect increased.Various other small changes.
Version 2.32
Version 2.32 (7/11/05)
This will likely be my last version of Burbenog TD. Thank you everyone for the support, comments, suggestions, and e-mails over the past 2+ years. They really meant a lot!
General Changes:Removed Hero and Hybrid governors. They are nearly impossible to balance with the rest of the map.You are now limited to 1 builder of each type. This is so you don’t accidentally waste a lumber.Slightly modified the victory and defeat endings.Fixed the shadows of many towers to somewhat more accurately reflect the size and shape of the towers.Added a new secret found by completing expert difficulty…
Balance Chances:Aerial Shackler damage doubled and mana regeneration fixed.Some expert difficulty creeps life increased.Ancient of Lore damage increased.Several minor changes dealing with Heroes.Several minor other tower balance changes.See 2.3 and 2.31 logs for more changes.
Bug Fixes:Fixed a pathing bug with the Winter Witch’s Freezing Breath.Other minor fixes. (See 2.3 and 2.31 logs for more bug fixes.)
War Time!’s Version
v3.01 War time(14 avril 2006)-> yeah im french:]
This is a new version of the old Td Burbenog. I мейд a few changements to give another dimension to the game.I Added a new race “Beldian” and deleted the Thunder one. Now Creeps have some skills, raiders(attackers) too and i added a new kind of rounds called “Heroes rounds”. As you may guess, theses heroes are most powerful than simples creeps, and also they have some skills, all is mentioned after. Plus now somes towers deal less damage against some creeps, for example fire towers do 50% of their damage against summoned creeps, ice towers do 50% to flying units, this too is mentioned under. Some says To Td brubenog that the game’s easy, so i tried to give them a challenge while remaining reasonable…I hope theses modest changements will give you pleasure… have fun and don’t forget “playin is the way to live happy” ^^
Fire Towers : Do only 50% on its damage to “Summoned Units”.Ice Towers : Do only 50% on its damage to “Air Units”Poison Towers : Do only 50% on its damage to “Mechanical Units”Human Towers : Do only 50% on his damage to “Hero Units”Holy Towers : Do only 50% on its damage to “Spell immune Units”Death Towers : Do only 50% on its damage to “Undead Units”Magic Towers : —-Don’t attack spell immune units(That’s already enough i think—-Earth Towers : Do only 50% on its damage to “Air Units”Wind Towers : Do only 85% on its damage to “Land units”Bledians Towers : Do only 85% on its damage to “Non-Hero Units”
Composite towers don’t have this penality except the Nerrubian Zigourat(death), Tyrant(death) and Acid Spitter(poison),Sky Pistola : Bicephalous Dragon(Wind), Fire instant(Fire), Holy grenadier(Holy), Celestial wind(Holy), Terre hurlante(Bledian)(Another shape or Pride Lunar),
* Heroes rounds : Heroes enemy units have all armor, they’re the only one in the game, plus some magics don’t affect them like poision… The new race Bledian’s good against them…——– Artag Hero(Round 12) : He just has armor and spell resistance——– Lentz Hero(Round 20) : He has aura of endurance(25%). ——– Superbitoss Hero(Round 26) : He has immolation he burns nearby towers(40 hp/sec), he has esquive(25%)——– Yurgl Hero(Round 32) : He has a thornyshield which grants him +5 armor ——– Mecha terminator(Round 38) : No, you’re not dreaming, he’s back!the terminator, the most powerful hero that world knew. He’s mechanic so poison doesn’t affect him muhahahahah. This is not finish, an heavy armor BUT…yeah there’s a but…because of its weight it is kinda slow. The question is “Even with that can you kills him?”. If you kill him don’t thing the game would be easy now, don’t be foolish. There is the Ultimated being who’s waiting for your level 40…Muhahahhahahaha——– Hygarion(Round 40) : The Ultimate Being. All you have to know is “to be or not to be”, against him i hope you’ll be…
——– Raiders(Round 19) : They have aura of endurance——– Raiders(Round 27) : They have nothing special.——– Raiders(Round 34) : They have aura of commandement+ bloodlusted, plus each time they strike your barracks you loose 1 Gold.——– Raiders(Round 37) : they have splash damage + critical(20% to do x2 dmg)+aura of commandement+aura of devotion
KEYS QUESTAs you could see there are many color rocks at each side of the game(one belong to each player). If you destroy them( only heroes and some towers can attack them) you can earn money and/or lumber. Red rock drops LumberBlue rock drops 100 GoldGreen rock drops 50 GoldBlack rock drops 1′250 gold+ 4 LumbersMore of that each rock has 10% to drop a key, a red one for the red block…(black rock drops a yellow key)If you have chance you can gain one each time u destroy a rock, but if ur unlucky you can play this game 1′000 times without gain any one. But don’t worry i believe in ur chance.They’re 4 combinations possible.* Red key- Blue Key+ Fire Orb= Feather of Phenix* Blue key+ Teal Key+ Ice Orb= Ice Cranium* Teal key+Red Key+ Poison Orb = Poisonous rock* Red key+ Blue Key+ Green Key+ Yellow Key= God’s Book.All theses items cannot be dropped.U can also create The burning sword and the Holy(Look at “Amalgamate” log for more explications.
The Black rock’s the most resistant of all the rock one hero cannot destroy it alone, so cooperated ans share they bounty. Of course they’re only ONE yellow key(Solar key) so if you gain one you must decide who must take it. Thus the combinatiosn which need 3 same color of keys. This is a team Td, so if you have the same key u must decide who must benefit of it. Remember that artefacts created by fusion CANNOT be drop.But never forget that your duty is to defeat enemies so this quest mustn’t disturbs you too much…. GOOD LUCK

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