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Canada Maul V3.7



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Choose your favorite Canadian builder to stop the Canadians from abandoning the country, and ending up surrounded by hideous fat people from the USA . -Including Hawaii-
Updates By: Raine_Havoc + KongoL_

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Game Commands-Help (displays how to play and what the objectives are)-Yourcolor (displays what types of defenses work best for your color)-List (lists which types of Canada Maul defenses have which attack features)-Air (lists the air levels)
3.0 Updates
Version 3.0I jumped from 2.6 straight to 3.0 because of several updates that were мейд (2.7, 2.8, 2.9) and never released to the public.2.7 – Several small tower changes мейд.2.8 – Many, many towers have been slightly adjusted and balanced.2.9 – Disconnected players gold is randomly dealt to a remaining player. Large tower adjustments. Creature bounty modified. Lives remaining added to leaderboard.

Winter Wildlife
The wildlife defenders are good in any spot, but try using them on the top. Start with a White Wolf in the middle of your path. For mazing, first build Snow Owls driving the attackers to your White Wolf. When you can afford it, upgrade your maze with Polar Bears and Penguins. Finally get Snowmen to replace your Polar Bears and maybe some Elk to back them up.
Sports Teams
With sports teams you need to utilize both mazing and splash damage. There is a good variety of towers to choose from, having both fast attackers as well as splash damage towers in the same maze can be devastating. Keep replacing your low cost towers with better ones and get a CFL or two.
Trees are good in any spot except gray. The basic stategy for Trees is creating a large but effective maze using your inexpensive Shrubberies. Get a Spruce or two before the first air level so you don’t leak. Then keep replacing Spruce with Birch and Shrubberies with White Pines. If you have a good maze later in the game a well-placed Maple or two will stop any attackers.

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20:9 11/6/2005

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