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Crafter Wars 1.6b скачать, Crafter Wars 1.6b download, Crafter Wars 1.6b


Заглавие карты:

Crafter Wars 1.6b



Количество игроков:

Full Slots


Go throught Amazing Rpg.Level Up yourself and do Teamwork.Map maked by Crusher_Cro

Доборная информация:

Map Info

Welcome in my 5th map!Hope you enyoy playing.New in this version:
-Fixed Creep Spawn-Travel with Boat Fixed-Travel with Bird Fixed-Maximum Level is 150!-Some Abilities Changed-Base damage of some heroes reduced-Added new spawn waye (-10).-PvP arena added-Fixed Islands-Some shops moved to other Islands-Lagg reduced-Some units deleted-Fix item description-Fix item abilities-Fix Creep Gold Give-Added Text on some Places-Save Load Code works Good!
More in next version!By Crusher_Cro.

All credits goes to:
-Emergenzy–Archonist9-MeDo] Members-Tiger_Cro.


You can use commands like:
-repick (when you picked an hero type this and you get an new one!)The repick is still in beta!The repick duration is 15 seconds.
Save/Load Code
Unique code designed by AceHarth!
To use it,you need to type:-save and write down the code which is displayed!Make sure you did write it or printscreen it good!Big letters are important!
To load hero,type -load and code what you writed with save…New in save/load:The save/load code now saves gold!
Kick system
Don’t like some player?Other players want to kick him too?No problem with now kick system!To use system:
-You should type (for example): /kick P2 .This kicks player 2…you need 3 votes to kick from other players!To kick player 3 type: /kick P3 for player 4 /kick P4 and so on.
Featured Info

In next version we can expect:
-New island (Rock Golems)-Balanced unit-Balanced heroes-More Items-More Heroes-New items-More Options
Spawning system to host!
Host is spawning in upper arena near Player 1 red Arena Guardian!To spawn type :-1 to spawn skeletons ,then -2 or -3 and so on to max -10.
WARNING:Do not spawn many at once,it may result in lag.delay game,or to kill all players and to lost your gold!Do it wise!

You can contact me either on MSN or GARENA:
The MSN contact is:
The Garena nickname of mine is: Crusher_Cro
Hope to see you!
New Island and Features
Island of Tormentor (Latest Patch upgrades):-Island terrain fixed-Island creeps fixed-Boat travel fixed-Boat is now purchasable!-Last Boss very hard. only group kill!
Island Information:-Island is created to experience more fight,more money and other.You can only come on Island when you are level 100,and when you come,The last boss is waiting for you!
Boat Travel:
With boat travel,you can simply travel from one place to the another.Use it with item.
Island 2 Lapidis

Island of Lapidis (Latest Patch upgrades):-When entering fight,fog changed.-Island creeps much stronger-Travel now avaliable on Mount!-Custom units!-Last Boss very hard. only group kill!(Troll tribe)
Island Information:-This is created too experience travel on mounts and many more!Hope you enjoy!
Pvp Arena:
Arena latest upgrades:-When player enters arena,all players are enemies.-Can fight multi combat in arena!
Flying Mount
Yes you heard it!Now in this game you are avaliable to fly!
Newest updates:-Fixed mount time-Increased speed on mount-Unselectable when mounted-Fully works now!-Ticktet prize reduced!

Время и дата cоздания карты:

14:11 28/6/2008

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