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Cropcircles TD v5.1 скачать, Cropcircles TD v5.1 download, Cropcircles TD v5.1


Заглавие карты:

Cropcircles TD v5.1



Количество игроков:

6 – 10


- Мейд by Freakster- Balanced by Synon24- New edits by Red Alert- Sell returns full money paid for tower- Towers don’t disappear when a player leaves- Мейд high level towers more powerful
For help mail:

Доборная информация:

Here is an explanation of how to sell towers in this game.
To sell a tower click on the desired tower you want to sell. There is a sell button there. Push it.The tower will explode and give you the Full cost of the tower.
Here I want to give all the Credits to the people helping me create this map.
1st of all I want to give credits to all the players who send me e-mail about bugs and comments.
2nd I want to give credits to the players of the beta versions. They also helped me a great deal by giving comments or finding bugs
What I have a Question

Well. If you have a question you can always mail me:
Mail: Insaner_Freaky@hotmail.comICQ:

Время и дата cоздания карты:

16:37 8/7/2005

Скачать\Download Cropcircles TD v5.1 (104 Кб)

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