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Заглавие карты:

DotA Allstars v5.84c


by Guinsoo

Количество игроков:

3v3, 4v4, 5v5


A clash of the titans- Choose between 30 heroes each for the Sentinel and the Scourge. Special game modes in this version are reverse, teamrandom, allpick, mirrormatch, deathmatch, and allrandom. M-m-m-monster kill-

Доборная информация:

Deathmatch now compatible with allrandom, allpick, and teamrandom.Deathmatch now allows you to keep your items when dying.Added -id, item drop mode, which drops an item from a random slot when you die instead of losing money.Fixed deathmatch bugs that don’t track your level properly.Short mode now increases experience gained slightly more.Omnislash nerfed slightly.Guinsoo’s Scythe damage buffed slightly.Mask of Madness damage taken increased slightly.Flesh Heap piercing damage taken fixed.Epicenter damage lowered to 120, casting time reinstated.Fireblast cooldown increased further.Shendelzare’s Terror changed to an activated ability.Buffed Guardian Angel and Degen Aura slightly.Death Ward damage decreased at levels 3 and 4.Dragon Knight’s Dragon’s Greed and Immolation replaced by Dragon Blood and Dragon Tail.Visage’s Mana Burn damage reduced.Jinada and Drunken Brawler less powerful.Eyes in the Forest sight reduced.Nature’s Guise duration reduced.Overgrowth damage decreased and cooldown increased.Tinker movement speed increased to 290.Gold cost on Sacred Relic decreased.Kel’thuzad is now Kel’thuzad the Lich.Area of effect on Mighty Swing increased slightly.
-random : Gives you a random hero when you could normally choose your hero. Saves you the gold of choosing your hero.-repick : Gives you a new random hero, if used in the first 90 seconds.-nopowerups : Votes to stop powerups from spawning.-reverse or -re (blue only) : Activates a game mode where you can choose your opponent’s hero.-allrandom or -ar (blue only) : Everyone gets a random hero, chosen from a pool of every hero.-teamrandom or -tr (blue only) : Everyone gets a random hero that their team could normally choose.-beamcounter : Counts Eclipses and Lucent Beams.-refresh: Refreshes Blur if you are Phantom Assassin.-dupemode or -du: Makes it so that duplicate heroes can be randomly selected.-shortmode or -sm: Reduces all tower damage and hit points, increases hero experience gained by 10%, and doubles the gold given periodically.-allpick or -ap: Enables teams to select heroes from any tavern.-mirrormatch or -mm: Teams play with the same set of heroes, chosen by each player.-supercreeps or -sc: Turns on supercreeps.-deathmatch or -dm: Heroes that die are gone forever, but you can hire a new one. When your team runs out of heroes, you lose.
To enable the league mode for a league match, one player from each team must enter their part of the match ID that they recieved from the bot.
Example: -match ##

Время и дата cоздания карты:

12:37 12/7/2005

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