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Doom (elf-of-the-nite)

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4 – 11 Players


Fight for survival and revenge as a gladiator, or ruthlessly control your Gladiators Reality TV Arena as the Imperial Director-Now With CPU controlled Director support- -change player 12 slot to computer-

Доборная информация:

User Vs CPU Director
CPU Pros:-Director won’t leave the game.-His mom won’t tell him to take out the trash, wasting your time.-Will always start Rounds in a timely manner.CPU Cons:-Usually Harder than Human director.-Can’t Talk to CPU Director (or bitch at him, whine, etc.).Human Pros:-More Variety in Monsters/Bosses used.-You Can talk to Him (bitch or whine all you want or make requests).Human Cons:-May Leave Game as he pleases (undoubtedly pissing other off).-May intentionally (or perhaps by inexperience) be a bad Director.-Game tends to be on the Mild Side with a human director (Easy).-Some Prick decides what he thinks you can handle!
-TYPE:-repick: for new hero-move: moves CPU-Controlled units into arena.-help: for in-game help-attack: attack-moves the director’s units in the spawn area automatically.-warp: Teleports you into the area (doesnt work in reverse)-Musicoff: to turn off music.-music1: music selection 1-music2: music selection 2-music3: music selection 3-music4: music selection 4-music5: music selection 5-music6: music selection 6-music7: music selection 7The_P: why dont you type it and find out….The_T: why dont you type it and find out….
I’ve taken the basic arena layout from the Gladiator RPG versions 1-6, The AI controlled arena system of The Arena TS, the Hero arena-style play of Gladiators v8, an item system inspired by Gladiators v6.2 and added various Perks of my own to bring youLEGENDARY GLADIATORS! a map i believe to be the best glads map.
Thanks to:

Gotta Give Props to the original map creators whom’s maps i’ve taken content from:Jappa_Pants:The original Gladiators mapAuto_Noob: The Arena TSNewbie-w3: Gladiators v8 map

About The_P:im 21 y.o.i play warcraft 3 on useast (azeroth) a ohio-state university student.send questions/comments to

Version History
Legendary Gladiators v1.0 is Original version (if you have that don’t host-it sucks) Version changes for v1.1 and after are as Follows:v1.1: -sorc cant polymorph heroes anymore-gate command added-XP values tweaked again-2nd chance after death added-several abilities improved-melee characters мейд stronger at rank 1v1.2:-Fixed round 31 Finale added 77 rounds.-fixed healing spray from healing enemies-mage skills changed-legendary monsters/ Director мейд stronger-some other abilities changedv1.3:-added trigger where a character leaves they drop all items-battlemage attack fixed-Hp Values changed on lvl 1-4 creatures-sorc frost bolt fixed-other abilities changed-Rounds tweaked againv1.4:-Holy Light and Death Coil fixed-scale on some monsters changed-Druid force of nature improved-Director/Wife Nerfed-made ruby/emerald sellable-balanced some abilities-battlemage ultimate fixedv1.4a:-projectiles changed for many units/heroes-projectile ranges tweaked-Beastmaster nerfed-fixed trueshot aura-attack parameters changed on some units-player 1 control on gate changed-imperial veil taken awayv1.5/1.5 Gold/1.5 Platinum-more unit attack parameters changed-abilities improved on 1-4 bosses-mana values changed on some monsters-destroyer form taken from statues-lv5 units мейд stronger-beastmaster tweaked again-Director/Wife Improved -fixed envemoned weapons on spitting spider-mana cost reduced on various skills-improved Rogue Wards-increased attack speed on legendary beasts-increased HP values on many units-lowered recharges on some ultimates-some ultimates improved-super high end items no longer spawn in arena-2 new heroes added-2 new bosses-some sounds addedv1.6: skipped to 2.0v.1.7: skipped to 2.0v1.8: skipped to 2.0v1.9: skipped to 2.0v2.0: -Many Skills Changed-Many Monsters Changed-2 new bosses-Many monsters мейд stronger-director/wife Мейд stronger-Legendary monsters мейд hella stronger-miscellaneous units improved-fixed abilities that would not target heroes-fixed food cost on some monsters-info added to quest menu-more music choices added-added Random Hero Select-New CPU Controlled arena Support!!v2.1:-Fixed Crash Bug-Added Various Soundsv.2.2 Final:-Remove fountain teleport due to crash bugv2.2a Final:-Fix problems with CPU Director Stopping-added -move command-Vampire has new default abilityv2.3 FINAL AND LAST VERSION:-legendary bosses weakened-3 ankh charges now-3 revives total at death-mana potions 3 charges-Healing potions more powerful-Priest healing more effective-death coil, holy light stronger at rank 3-tranquility stronger at rank3-gate door automatically open at start of game -diablo uber drop nowv2.3a Last Version For Sure this Time!:-Diablo’s Uber Items Deleted due to Exploits-Fixed issue with rounds going on/off rapidly-Pandaren Elementalist is Slightly More Uber-Diablo (and any other legendary monster) are unraiseable now.v2.4 For Real this Time LAST VERSION!:-final fix for CPU Director (may pause after some rounds just wait)-Vampire Rage Takes more mana now-Legendary Bosses Strength tweaked Again-Director’s Pavillions invulnerable now (Food providers)-In an effort to Reduce DL/Load Time Kung fu fighting was removed, (Sorry jimmy Cliff Fans) with that done and other chages map loads/Downloads Faster.v2.4a Yea okay i lied but seriously THIS is Final Version:-in an Effort to improve CPU Director Difficulty lvl 6+ units are stronger-Legendary monsters recieved mor HP and in some cases more Damage.-Fixed Problem with Boss levels on CPU director where bosses ran away to corner, and in bahamuts case left arena completely.-Javeliner Voice is no longer feminine at rank 3.-Lightning javalin takes more mana.v2.4c:12/25/04 yea yea yea This is just a xmas present for fans of map-Druid treants nerfed-Vampire life drain stronger-Vampire new ultimate due to tome incompatibility of Vampiric Rage.-Inner Arena Smoothed out-Increased HP on Regular Bosses-Adeimos Stronger-tomes From 2.4b retained (added by anonymous user)

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11:34 8/7/2008

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