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Ice Troll Tribes II 1.17b-P- скачать, Ice Troll Tribes II 1.17b-P- download, Ice Troll Tribes II 1.17b-P-


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Ice Troll Tribes II 1.17b-P-


Kyxoan. & Apathetic-Irony

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by Kyxoan.


Beta version 1.17b Is a playable beta of the new ITT II. An all new hunger system, an all new temperature system, New pets, classes and a whole lot more- leave feedback -

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The Basics – Surviving
Surviving is the main problem you will face. You have four stats that you must keep up at all times! they are
Health : Your hit points, which can be replenished by eating herbs or drinking magical potions.
Energy : Your tiredness, sleeping restores this.
Temperature : Your core body heat. your warm blooded so you need to keep warm, Camp fires heat you up. If this gets to 0 you will start to freeze. While freezing you will be twice as slow and will lose 10hp every 2 seconds until your troll dies or gets at least 1 degree warmer.
Hunger: This shows how hungry your troll is. Your troll will lose 5 food every half day. When your Troll’s food reaches 0, he will lose 20hp every 2 seconds until he is dead or eats raw or cooked meat. Raw meat provides 1 food as Cooked Meat provides 2.
If you can keep these four up then you can over come just about any thing.
The Basics – Building
You should have noticed there are 6 buildings in the center of the map that will tell you whgat you need to build things.
The text in yellow tells you is what unit must have the items to make what you need. The slots tell you what item needs to be in witch slot. If you have the items in the right order and it does not fuse them drop one and pick it up again.
The Basics – Winning
Your main goal in this map is to destroy your enemy. There are two teams so each is trying to kill the other. To do this all there Ice Trolls must be killed. But just becouse you kill an ice troll does not mean he can’t come back. If you die and you have a Spirit Ward you can revive your Ice Troll, but you will not have any of your old items. You can recover them by going to the location of your death, and if you’re lucky nobody will have taken them.
The Basics – Pets
You can have only one pet at a time. To gain a pet you must kill an animal and maybe that animal will have a baby hidden nearby. Once you find a baby just use the tame skill to tame it. The baby will grow over time. At its adult stage it has one skill. Each pet type has different skills. Pets CANNOT be revived.

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18:21 14/12/2007

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