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Заглавие карты:

Julien’s RPG 1.1



Количество игроков:

1 to 8


RECOMMENDED SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS:1.5 Ghz processor.512 MB of RAM.64 MB Video Card.2,7 MB Hard Disk space :P

Доборная информация:

The Undead have taken over Sandora City. Mannoroth is sieging in the middle of that possessed town.If you can take him out, the Human Forces will gain advantage in terrain.
SAVING/LOADING-save to SAVE your character, and a code will appear-load xxxxx-xxxxx-xxxxx-xxxxx to LOAD your character. Make sure that ALL LETTERS ARE CAPITALIZED!
CHANGING CAMERAType the following in chat to change camera:-cam off resets the camera to the game’s default.-cam 1 changes the angle of the camera (1 of 6).-cam 2 changes the angle of the camera (2 of 6).-cam 3 changes the angle of the camera (3 of 6).-cam 4 changes the angle of the camera (4 of 6).-cam 5 changes the angle of the camera (5 of 6).-cam lock locks the angle of the camera on your Hero (6 of 6).
ALLY/UNALLYType the following in chat to change ally properties, replacing the “#” sign with a number between 1 and 8.-unally # to become enemy.-ally # to become ally.-vision # to share vision.-novision # to remove vision.-share # to share units.-unshare # to stop sharing units.
YOUR HOUSEEvery player has a house in the city, where you can revive and store items (items in the house and mercenaries stashes are not saved).
Need more info?
Orcs aren’t allied with the Undead Forces, but sure represent a threat to the Humans, since the Orcs have gotten so close to Toria.Defeat their leader to drive them back.
Defeat the Frozen Undead Leader once and for all!
There is an incredibly detailed Playing Guide on the web site, containing all the information you need and more.Please visit for that.

Время и дата cоздания карты:

16:1 30/5/2007

Скачать\Download Julien’s RPG 1.1 (2656 Кб)

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