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JungleTroll Tribes v6.77



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NRN_R_Sumo1 :D


Version by NRN_R_Sumo1You are a Member of one of the Jungle Troll Tribes.You Have to Fight and Survive in the Wilderness to Bring your Tribe to the Top Rank of Jungle Predator.Full Save/load Functionability -Works with save codes from 6.74 and up-

Доборная информация:

Well atleast you admit to it.Ask your teamates, Im too lazy to write a help section. :)

But seriously though, Just try your best not to die, and if you need help ask for it.Dont be afraid to ask the other teams for tips, as this is a friendly game for the most part, although PvP is very possible.

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12:3 25/6/2008

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