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Kaggz RPG – Shadows of Evil


Kaggz (kaggz1227@яху.com)

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Times of peril bring rise to great heros…
Map created by Kaggz -kaggz1227@яху.com-. Minigames and opening cinematics created by 3DGuy
Version 1.20

Доборная информация:

Visit Lacordiz
Polez suspects that the wanderer responsible for dark summoning Fire Beasts in Tribua must have been a Lacordizan. He asks you to go and visit Lacordiz to find information on the identity of the wanderer and bring justice to his town.
Visit Tribua
Lord GGakz has summoned you to find the cause of the darkness spread across the land. He fears that Tribua has resorted to dark summoning and has ordered you to rid the town of any summoned beasts and corrupted heros.
Visit Harkall Camp
Savas tells you that the only two people that know the ways of dark summoning are Traz brothers. He tells you to visit Harkall camp where one of the brothers lives.

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10:22 6/8/2002

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