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Kodo Tag: X-Treme 3.0 скачать, Kodo Tag: X-Treme 3.0 download, Kodo Tag: X-Treme 3.0


Заглавие карты:

Kodo Tag: X-Treme 3.0



Количество игроков:

4 – 10


Survive for 30 minutes against the raging Kodos.v 3.0

Доборная информация:

1.This supports AI-players, but they just run to random points and nothing else2.The difficulty-dialog is always shown to the host, not to player 13.There’s an Admin Tower for the host, located at the upper right corner. It allows you to kick players, allows you to show a list of all players (for whatever), has an antistuck-command for the kodos and an rescue-command for AI-players
v. 2.4b
Beta-Testers:Jonas ‘ForTheUnion’ HarterPatrik ‘Schokobar’ KaufmannMartin ‘MachDasLichtAus’ MullerNico ‘310er-Dubel’ HarterSimon ‘SimBa’ Bau
Map by ForTheUnion
Origial Makers: Clan FBA, HaislopPrevious versions by: TinyTauren, l33t-h4×0r, BobaFett, DoomGuard777, Ryan_2oo4 and RedAlert
Based on RedAlert’s Kodotag: Revolution
Made with World Editor Unlimited
Icons downloaded from
Banish by:TheSecretArts
Arcane Explosion by:Arcsol
Meteor by:BlackRockClan
Dark Vision by:OgeRfaCes
Poison Arrows by:DeathKnight

Время и дата cоздания карты:

12:55 23/10/2008

Скачать\Download Kodo Tag: X-Treme 3.0 (281 Кб)

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