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Kodo Tag: Xtreme 4.3b скачать, Kodo Tag: Xtreme 4.3b download, Kodo Tag: Xtreme 4.3b


Заглавие карты:

Kodo Tag: Xtreme 4.3b



Количество игроков:

4 – 10


Survive for 30 minutes against the raging Kodos.Created By ForTheUnion — Updated By NinjaJoshyv 4.3a

Доборная информация:

To all Modders
If you want to edit this map please mind these rules:- This map isn’t protected, but I created it with World Editor Unlimited, so it may contain some triggers unknown to the normal World Editor.- Don’t just give it a new version and leave the rest as it is. Mark that you changed the map (For example 4.0 Cheka Edit or something like that).- Do NOT remove the credits to the original authors or the creators of the imported ressources.
v. 4.2
Check for new Versions @
Beta-Testers:Jonas ‘ForTheUnion’ HarterPatrik ‘Schokobar’ KaufmannMartin ‘MachDasLichtAus’ MullerNico ‘310er-Dubel’ HarterSimon ‘SimBa’ Bau
Map by ForTheUnion
Origial Makers: Clan FBA, HaislopPrevious versions by: TinyTauren, l33t-h4×0r, BobaFett, DoomGuard777, Ryan_2oo4 and RedAlert
Based on RedAlert’s Kodotag: Revolution
Made with World Editor Unlimited
Icons downloaded from
Banish by:TheSecretArts
Arcane Explosion by:Arcsol
Meteor by:BlackRockClan
Dark Vision by:OgeRfaCes
Poison Arrows by:DeathKnight

Время и дата cоздания карты:

15:17 7/5/2009

Скачать\Download Kodo Tag: Xtreme 4.3b (479 Кб)

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