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Kyx’s Ice Troll Tribes v2.4 -P- скачать, Kyx’s Ice Troll Tribes v2.4 -P- download, Kyx’s Ice Troll Tribes v2.4 -P-


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Kyx’s Ice Troll Tribes v2.4 -P-



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Two ice troll tribes weather it out in a frozen tundra. Each trying to survive the harsh enviroment. Team work is key more than any thing else. Scavenge for building material, hunt for food, and contruct a small village to live with in.

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The Basics – Surviving
Surviving is the main problem you will face. You have three stats that you must keep up at all times! they are
Health : Your hp, you can replenish it by eating.
Energy : Your tirdness, sleeping restores this.
Temerature : Your core body heat. your warm blooded so you need to keep warm, Camp fires heat you up.
If you can keep these three up then you can over come just about any thing.
The Basics – Building
You should have noticed there are 3 buildings in the center of the map that will tell you whgat you need to build things.
The text in yellow tells you is what unit must have the items to make what you need. The slots tell you what item needs to be in witch slot. If you have the items in the right order and it does not fuse them drop one and pick it up again.
The Basics – How to win.
Your main goal in this map is to destroy your enemy. There are two teams so each is trying to kill the other. To do this all there Ice Trolls must be killed. But just becouse you kill an ice troll does not mean he can’t come back. If you die and you have a Spirit Ward you can revive your Ice Troll, but you will not have any of your old items.
You can have only one pet at a time. To gain a pet you must kill an animal and maybe that animal will have a baby hidden nearby. Once you find a baby just use the tame skill to tame it. The baby will grow over time. At its adult stage it has three skills. Each pet type has different skills. pets CAN’T be revived. If there hp get low just use there “rest” ability.
Version 2.1.1 Updates
~~Version 2.1.1~~-Mammoth no longer drops the horn it has been replaced with a Scroll of summon skeleton. – Hitpoints have been raised to 700 hp on mammoth-All sleep spells (outside tent igloo .. ect). have a cooldown of 15 seconds to try to avoid people from murdering you / making you immobile.-Spawns of animals have been reduced a little bit to stop the massive overflow of unkilled animals.-1 flint , stick ,tinder has been placed at start on each of the 3 islands to make it possible to find fire supplies before dieing since all item spawns are on a random table. They are placed randomly around the island and are not clustered together so its still not easy to find.

Version 2.1.2 Updates
~~Version 2.1.2~~
-Some animal spawns reduced some -Cooking meat has no cooldown now to make it faster. -Some animals HP has been reduced slightly
Version 2.1.3 Updates
~~Version 2.1.3~~New hp and speed list some not changed at all but making an official listing.Carabu 65 hp >< 220 speedWolf 75 hp >< 225 speedMammoth 300 >< hp 180 speedBear 100 hp >< 150 speedTroll hp 200 >< 200 speed
Gloves and boots now have a better speed / haste increase if you use diffrent skins.
Name Speed HasteCarabu 30 10%Wolf 60 20%Bear 90 30%
Mammoth now drops a horn again so the name of map is no longer no horn but it is kyx's patch
Horn now give a slight endurence aura +10 move +5% haste.
Version 2.1.4 Updates
~~Version 2.1.4~~
Mammoths HP has once again been raised to prevent newb rush... Mammoth now has 450 hp
Boot system added for red and light blue. type -kick color to boot them. only do this if they are causeing trouble or obvious complete newbs...
I have changed (or at least think i changed...) the ability of others to unpack fire / tents. IF you make it only YOU can unpack it. This is another fight against the newb population.
Version 2.2 Updates
~~Version 2.2~~
Added more caribu to the spawn table. Net lasts longer on animals (14 seconds) compared to the old 12Net lasts less on trolls (9 seconds) compared to the old 12Changed the layout of the map slightly to create more hideing places / camp spots.Took out preplaced itemsSleep is only self targetable now.
Version 2.2.1 Updates
~~Version 2.2.1~~
-Pets are now fully controlable YAY!? no more auto deselect or wander on babies so have fun with the control!-Changed some terrain again and killed "the spot" if you didnt know what "the spot" was then this doesnt concern you.-Sleep outside should really be only self targetable this time and cooldowns have been lowered from 15 seconds to 1 second.-Fixed the bug on storage hut that was allowed people to revive.-Fire now restores 5 temp per tick, RAISED from the value of 3
Version 2.2.3 Updates
~~Version 2.2.3~~
-Ensnare traps have been nerfed, Regen of them has been lowered to .10 , HP of them reduced to 100, And its ability "traps" duration has been lowered to 9 on troll (from 20) ENSNARE TRAPS ARE NOW PACKABLE. The graphic of the trap is no longer spikey but it is a small red wisp. Also it is not revealed on mini map so watch your step =).-Adult Carabu now have really lost speed of the wild-A new armor has been added to game Mammoth Horn Armor. You craft it with Coat , Bone , Bone , Bone , Bone , Horn of the mammoth. in armory-Mammoth has been jacked up a little to make the Mammoth Horn armor more valuable-Changed the defence value of the armors to make more diversity (bone was too close and easy to get to iron for little bonus (1 defence))-Some MINOR terrain alterations
Version 2.2.2 Updates
~~Version 2.2.2~~
-Pets REST skill was removed last update to allow you to control them fully, to counteract the rest .50 health is regened every second.-TOTAL REVAMP on the top and bottom terrain. MANY new hideing spots so go find them! Also equal spots to hide so the bottom isnt the best
Version 2.3 Updates
~~Version 2.3~~-Baracades are now Bone Stick Bone Stick Bone Bone-Baracades now have 700 hitpoints-Baracades damage returned is now 30%-Baracades armor is now base 10-Baracades can now hold raw meat-Stone spawn has been raised to < or equal to 75-Ice traps now have a 4 second cooldown-Outposts now have the ability rest and can be used by the whole tribe EXCEPT for entering ONLY the BUILDER can enter the outpost.-Outpost graphic has also been changed from the baracade graphic.-Outposts have 700 range and a 5 second cooldown attacking.-Traps are now a 1x1 buildables-Map size has been increased SLIGHTLY and trees have been placed in the space so get choping!-Owls now have .5 hp per second regen-Frozen feathers cast range was reduced from 800 to 600-Mammoth has been buffed up and now can attack air-Mammoth horn armor now has 15 armor class and mammoth's revenge is now an Armor aura insted of a thorns aura.-You can now TRANSMUTE 3 tinder into 1 stick or 3 flint into 1 stone at the witch doctors hut. We finally found something for all those flints and tinders! Put 3 flint or tinder in the first 3 slots to transmute.-Ice traps have 550 range and 550 sight-Fish now drop 2 meat insted of 1 to make them more worth killing

Version 2.2.4 Updates
~~Version 2.2.4~~- *NEW TRAP* Ice Trap (Ice Ice Stone Stone)STATS (50 HP) (400 sight radius) (150 range) (Icetrap skill 60% attack / move slow, 500 range ,+5 dmg)-*NEW ITEM* Baracade (Bone Stick Bone Stick) (250 HP 10% damage returned)-*NEW BUILDING* Outpost (Stone Stone Stone Stone Spear
Version 2.3.2 Updates
~~Version 2.3.2~~-Hammers can now repair baracades ice traps and outposts-Towers (spear / poisen spear) now do 21 - 32 damage-Towers now have a 3 second cooldown-Poisen towers slow poisen does 1 dmg per second for 2 seconds 25% attack slow 50% run slow-Cliffs added all around the map go find some new bases.-Added Vision ward (400 sight 300 health) mana bone mana in witch hut.-Outposts now do 11 - 20 damage-Outpost graphic has been changed-Outpost now has 1000 range-Outposts now require a mushroom in 6th slot of armory to create it-Outposts now have slow poisen-Bears now drop 7 raw meat-Owls frozen feathers now has 400 range-1 Tribal Banner now spawns next to the main teams spawn. This banner grants +3 armor aura and +10% speed and attack aura. It has 1000 Area of effect and 1000 sight.-Mammoth is bigger in size but not stats.-Mammoth is invisable at night so watch your step-Added the tctx winners pole to the TCT logo-Mushrooms interface icon has been changed (it no longer looks like tinder)-Mammoth's Revenge auras graphic has been changed because it was causeing lag for some people with crappy computers.-Ensnare traps are now placeable in water for fishing purposes.-Ensnare traps attack and trap spell now have a 250 range (raised from 150.-Ensnare traps are placeable anywhere on map (in trees / unbuildable terrain)
Version 2.3.1 Updates
~~Version 2.3.1~~Caribou skins now = Low Quality SkinsWolf skins now = Medium Quality SkinsBear skins now = High Quality SkinsThe armor мейд from these skins now reflect the quality of skin they are (low quality skin = low quality boots and so on same effects diffrent name)-NEW TRANSMUTESBone Bone Bone = flintLQskin LQskin LQskin = MQ skinMQskin MQskin MQskin = HQskin2 new guides have been added to center of map guide of traps and defences and guide of transmutes.
Version 2.3.3 Updates
~~Version 2.3.3~~-The Holes terrian has been fixed you can now go in it.-Battering ram is now added for attacking defences and towers. Its a slow moving high siege damage unit with melee range. 1 Troll can go inside of the ram.-Trolls armor is now Hero armor-Reviveing now takes 300 seconds-Vision Wards now cast invisability 60 second duration 60 second cool down. Only Vision wards can reveal an invis person so start building them!-Vision wards now have 1000 sight range.-Tent graphic has been changed to a spirit lodge graphic-Some terrain alterations and spawn changes
Version 2.3.4 Updates
~~Version 2.3.4~~-The terrain has been completly redone.- There is now a random location spawn of stone stick and flint on each island. 5 possible locations on each island for each item so as long as all 5 arent full with the item they will spawn. It spawns every 1200 seconds as long as the nodes are not full.-Bone ingame graphic has been changed.-Battering ram is now faster.-Net now lasts less time on trolls 5 seconds down from 9-Mammoths attack speed has been reduced.-Mammoths HP has been raised.-Outposts can now be entered by everyone.-Hunger and Exaustion drains have been reduced to .20 per 2 seconds. So 10 seconds = 1 point drained. This is to counter act the maps size increase and make it a little easier to explore.-Vision ward invisability now has a 45 second duration hero / normal and a 120 second cooldown.-Tribal banners now have true sight to detect invisable people.-Rumor has it that a Jackwolf has been spotted near the mammoth WATCH OUT!
Version 2.4 Updates
~~Version 2.4~~
-Fixed some pathing issues with the Kel'Jin cliff-Added stun trap (6-9 damage, 15% change to do a 2 second stun and +5 damage. 3 second cooldown. {Stone Stone Stick Tinder in armory-Panic now has a 45 second cooldown (raised from 30)- Net now lasts 7 seconds with a 20 second cooldown- Ensnare traps (trap) now nets the person for 5 seconds (lowered from 9) with a 8 second cooldown (lowered from 10)- Ensnare traps damage has been (lowered to 2-3 damage)- Added a few more base spots- Added some tree clusters so you can all chop again!- Jackwolf graphic has been changed- Baracades are now Bone , Bone , Bone , Bone- Baracades HP is now 500 (reduced from 700 due to the low cost to build now)- Tribal spirit has been added to banner. 12 - 20 damage 500 hit points, Lasts for 60 seconds , 10 min cooldown The more it hits the more spirits it summons from the depths- Storage hut is now Skin Stick Stick- Outposts are no longer controlable by everyone

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