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Line Tower Wars 23.8 v.L.N.


Loss05 & Nob

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the Latest Line tower war with theses news :- Monsters lvl 3 ——– All tower have a new upgrade AND ABILITIES ——– 4 Boss ultimes ——— New abilities for towers — FIX LIGHT BLUE BUG — etc etc …….

Modified By: Loss05 and Nob

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Basic Gameplay
Line Tower Wars is a tower defence game, the object of which is twofold, summon creeps to steal lives from the player(s) to your right, while building towers to defend yourself from the player(s) to your left. Summoned creeps which make it to the bottom of your lane steal one life from you. Likewise each creature you get through your opponents maze gives you an extra life. To win the game, you must eliminate all the other players by stealing all of their lives.The neutral referee will destroy your defensive towers if you do not leave a path though your maze — blocking is not allowed !!See the following sections for more detailed explanations of various game aspects. Good luck
At the beginning of the game you have 30 gold in the bank, and a starting income of 25 gold. Every 20 seconds of game time your income is added to your bank, there is a timer that displays the time remaining to the next income cycle. As income is paid, all players are given a text mesage showing the current income of every player in the game. I strongly advise you to pay attension to that list as it is critical to know who is capable of summoning the higher end creeps. Try to raise your income quickly, as the higher level creeps are far more effective at penetrating (or in the case of attackers – destroying) your opponents defences.
Raise Income : Every creep you summon at the shrine/super shrine increases your income base by the amount listed in the tooltip. The only exception is the Phoenix attacking unit which LOWERS your income by 25,000 gold. Note that lower cost creeps generally have a better cost to income ratio then higher level creeps.
In the centerline of the map you have two buildings, a shrine and a super shrine. At these buildings you may purchase creeps to send at your opponents. Most importantly, summoning creeps raises your income and gives you the chance to steal lives from the other players. Experienced players realize that usually, all other things being equal, the player with the highest income is in the best position to win the game. I highly reccomend that you build just enough defense to kill what your opponents are sending, while challenging the downstream opponents with as many creeps as you can.
Below your shrine/super shrine area is the tech area, in which you have 3 starting wisps. Across from the wisps are circles of power with their corrosponding elemental towers. Use the wisps to chose which towers you want to build (all the high level towers upgrade from the Elemental towers built by your builder). When you eliminate another player, you are given an extra wisp to buy new technologies with.If this is your first time playing, i suggest you pick the light towers, and the enchanted mushroom as your first technology picks.
Cross Technology Towers
There are 10 new advanced towers added in 3.8. To upgrade to these towers you must have the required technologies listed below.
Flaming Mushroom : enchanted mushroom + fire level 1Wizard Tower: sorceress tower + ice level 1Moonbeam Tower : Meteor Attractor + light level 1Mortar Tower: Grenade Tower + death level 1Gravedigger: Septic Tank + electric level 1Plaguemaker: Swarmcaller + fire level 1Scorpion Tower : Lightning Generator + death level 1Static Generator: Reflector + ice level 1Hurricane elemental: Ultimate water tower + electric level 1Glacial Tower: Ultimate ice tower + light level 1
these towers are created by upgrading the appropriate tier 3 elemental tower. ie. the wizard tower is upgraded from the sorceress tower.
Elemental Towers
Fire (slow fire rate,good damage, all towers have splash):Basic upgrade – barbeque : small splash moderate damagetier 2 – magma well : larger splash better dmgtier 3 * – meteor attractor : reasonable splash good damagetier 3 * – grenade tower : Ground Only large dmg + splash
Ice (balenced element)Basic upgrade – Frost Tower : single target, has frost slow abilitytier 2 – Blessed water : single target no slowing abilitytier 3* -Ultimate ice tower : splash, moderate dmg, slowstier 3* -Ultimate water tower: single target, doesn’t slow
Electricity (high dmg single target towers)basic upgrade – Short circuit : short range single targettier 2 – Electric Cannon : single target, can stuntier 3* – Lightning Generator : single target, very fasttier 3* – Reflector : has bounce attack capable of hitting multiple targets, slower firing.
Light (Good all around towers)Basic upgrade – Little bird: long range single targettier 2 – Holy Lantern:medium range, single targettier 3* – Enchanted Mushroom: good aoe, moderate dmgtier 3* – Sorceress Tower: single target, has slow aura
Death (High Dmg, slow poison, expensive towers)Basic upgrade – Poison well: single target, slow poisontier 2 – Damned tower: single target, slow poisontier 3* – Septic Tank: single target, slow poisontier 3* – Swarmcaller: large splash, high dmg
Most of the units summoned in the game are simple maze running creeps, however 3 units are different. The demolition machine (shrine), siege engine, and phoenix are all tower attackers which attempt to destroy your opponents maze. Tower attackers are most effective against someone who builds complicated mazes, and not as effective against a player who packs their towers together densely.—— a special note about Phoenix Phoenixes are the only summons which REDUCE your income (-25,000 income) but they are the best tower attackers in the game. Additionally, when a phoenix is killed it explodes, damaging or destroying towers in it’s immediate vicinity…. It is best to try and micro the phenixes so they end up doing as much damage as possible, especially with the final death explosion.

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3:48 1/5/2007

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