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A TD where you have to build a defence for cathing creeps coming multiple ways -both horisontal and vertical– Each level will spawn 290 units, you can build 18 different buildings with up to 8 levels, and research 10 different technologies

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Special levels
Every 7th level, starting with level 7, will be air:7, 14, 21, 28, 35 (5 levels)Every 10th level, starting with level 10, will be heroes10, 20, 30 (3 levels)Every 7th level starting with level 12 has 4X armor12, 19, 26, 33, 40 (5 levels)There are 40 levels
Armor types
Armour types, and what percentage of damage they recieve from different weapon types:Thin Skin: Magic 50%, Bombardment 150%, Arrows 75%, Razorblades 75%, Gas 100%Thick Skin: Magic 75%, Bombardment 100%, Arrows 75%, Razorblades 12%, Gas 75%Air Armor: Magic 0%, Bombardment 0%, Arrows 50%, Razorblades 0%, Gas 100%Armor: Magic 125%, Bombardment 75%, Arrows 50%, Razorblades 75%, Gas 75%Heavy Armor: magic 150%, Bombardment 75%, Arrows 50%, Razorblades 125%, Gas 75%Divinely: Divine 100%, All others 0%
The armour type is different every level, so you always have to be prepared!Also, all air levels have the same kind of armour, which takes 100% damage from anti air and speed towers and only 50% from all other towers!
Logg of changes 2
Changes from Gold to Platinum:x major changes in damage and costs for all towersx edited special towers skills* Magics towers: poison and stun tower replaced with chain lightning and spawn tower.* Increased costs for magics towers* added bola tower with 3 levelsx piercing damage is now multi towers, focus towers and bola towersx caged has spell damagex difficulty in leaderboard will be right also when there are less than 7 playersx level 40 is ground+air+armouredx air takes 100% damage from AA and speed, 50% from others*Reintroduced the two spawnpoints that were removed in the gold version*Modified the terrain layout by red, only 1 lane down*Reds creeps spawn with 10% less hitpoints*New vote system, there will now be a seperate voting for lives, gold and creeps hitpoints.*caged Animal hits all adjecent units. Actually I doubt it did that in any earlier versions…*More people added to the kick\ban list. Behave well and dont insult the author!*Air and hero towers now have 5 levels*Added money factor (how much extra money you get after each level) and hitpoints (the percentage hitpoints the creeps are spawned with) to the leaderboard*Watchtower has been replaced with 2 new tower types: Focus tower and Multi Tower* fixed some insignificiant things here and there+ other things that I no longer remember

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0:47 1/7/2005

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