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A TD where you have to build a defence for cathing creeps coming multiple ways -both horisontal and vertical– Each level will spawn 420-840 units depending on the difficulty

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Special levels
Every 7th level, starting with level 7, will be air:7, 14, 21, 28, 35 (5 levels)Every 10th level, starting with level 10, will be heroes10, 20, 30 (3 levels)Every 7th level starting with level 12 is armored12, 19, 26, 33, 40 (5 levels)There are 40 levels
Towers types
the Watchtower:The watchtower class is fast, with an average range, little damage and attacks both air and ground. Their attacks will continue through the target and hit any units that might be behind it (line missile). Watchtowers and Speed Dragons are the best towers to maze with.
the Cannon tower:Cannon towers will only attack ground, but they do much damage and have splash. Upgraded cannon towers often have xtra spells to help you kill the creeps. 1 cannon tower is enough to kill all creeps at the first level.
the Glaive Towers:The Glaive towers have average damage, are slow, and will only attack ground units. However, they have bouncing attacks, which will damage several creeps in one attack. After the cannon towers, they are the best defence for ground.
the Range Towers:Range towers have more range than other towers. They also are fast, have average damage, and attacks air. Upgrading it, will increase the range. Having range towers might turn you into a kill stealer, as their attacks might kill creeps in other lanes. (if your creeps dies without any of your towers shooting at it, someone close has a range tower)
the Speed Dragons:Speed dragons are by far the quickest towers in the game. They do little damage, but the speed still makes them into killers. Their damage can also be upgraded in the Research Center, making them much more effective. They have short range, but they do attack air units. Speed Dragons and Watchtowes are the best towers to maze with.
Caged Wild Animals:You can also fill your maze with wild animals in cages. These wild animals do very high damage, and they will attack any unit passing by. They attack very fast too, but they cant fetch anyone unless there are people right next to it. Placing a Caged Wild Animal in a corner, with creeps passing by on several sides of the cage, will be the best use of it.
the Ice Towers:Ice towers are used to slow down the creeps. Some other towers have slow poison, but the Ice class is the only one specialised in slowing down. They have average speed, average damage, and attacks both ground and air. Note that Ice towers have to be researched
the Air Towers:Air towers are very much recommanded for the air levels. They are quick, have bouncing attacks, long range and much damage. However, they are expensive. Note that air towers have to be researched.
the Hero Towers:Hero towers are only to be used in hero levels. There are only 3 hero levels in the game, but you really need these towers! First level of heroes will require 1 hero level for each player. Note that hero towers have to be researched.

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