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Mini TD v2.5 скачать, Mini TD v2.5 download, Mini TD v2.5


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Mini TD v2.5



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No Freaks


10 Players solo TD -Tower Defense-
Fast game

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How to Play
Very simple to learn, hard to master, Mini TD is one of the fastest TD games ever мейд.
-Most players just built many walls to kill all units befor they reach the end of their path. -It is a good solution to create a maze, with slow and frozen towers on top, to make sure no creeps will leak, but it’s not a good solution to be a great player. Other players will go faster than you do, and beat you in running all 30 levels.-The key is mostly in the Fire tower, wait for it, and save to improve it fast.
Tips – Command
-multi To play with lifes all together – Only P1 can do it
-invis for Invisible levels-fast for Fast levels-air for Air levels-hard for Hard levels-immu for Immunized levels
-score to see your actual score (in function of Gold)

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14:33 20/6/2008

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