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Multiple Missile Defense v1.5



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- Survive 40 action-packed levels of original monsters.- Many original and funky futuristic towers with a lot of upgrades.- Very user friendly interface.- Beta Version, it is still in testing.

Доборная информация:

Game Starts in:
Game has started.
Next Level in:
Next Level in:
Multiple Missile Defense 1.5
Welcome to MoonSpirit’s Multiple Missile Defense!
You have gained 1 lumber!
You have gained 2 lumber!
You have been voted out of the game.
You have been voted out of the game.
You have been voted out of the game.
You have been voted out of the game.
You have been voted out of the game.
You have been voted out of the game.
You have been voted out of the game.
Difficulty completed: EASYGood job, you’ve passed the Easy test! Try a harder difficulty next time. I know you can do it.

The game will now end in 30 seconds!
Perspective Camera Mode Activated.
Camera Mode has been reset.
Top-down Camera Mode Activated.
Camera Zoomed to distance 1500.
Camera Zoomed to distance 1400.
Camera Zoomed to distance 1300.
Camera Zoomed to distance 1600.
Camera Zoomed to distance 1700.
Camera Zoomed to distance 1800.
Camera Zoomed to distance 1900.
Camera Zoomed to distance 2000.
Camera Zoomed to distance 2100.
Camera Zoomed to distance 2200.
Camera Zoomed to distance 2300.
Prevent monsters from reaching middle and stealing your lives through 40 action-packed levels.
Player 1 (Red) Commands:
Kicking Players:Player 1 (Red) can kick unwanted people by:-kick color Replace ‘color’ with the color of the player you wish to kick.Please do not abuse this though. Do your best to make this game a friendly one.

Camera Modes
Resetting the Camera:To reset the camera to its original state, simply type: -cam reset
Perspective Camera:This camera mode stops the camera at its current location, and it will look in the direction your Human Leader is in.To activate, type: -cam perspective
Top-down Camera:This camera lets you view things from a direct top-down angle.To activate, type: -cam topdown
Top-down 2 Camera:A variation of the top-down camera that is not so steep.To activate, type: -cam topdown2
Zooming In/Out:To zoom in or out, whether to magnify the view or to minimize it, simple type: -zoom followed by either 1300, 1400, 1500, 1600, 1700, 1800, 1900, 2000, 2100, 2200, or 2300.e.g. -zoom 2300

Top-down 2 Camera Mode Activated.
Useful Information
- There are 40 levels in this version.- Monsters have 2% less hitpoints with every less player there is.- You will get more bonus gold before each level if there are more people playing. Exact formula is (Level + (Number of players x 3))
Q: How do you get Lumber?A: Build the basic towers and upgrade them to Ultimate level to gain a lumber. Making a Laser Tower Ultimate gives you 2 lumber. The Sniper Tower Ultimate is the cheapest tower which gives you 1 lumber.
Q: Where do the monsters spawn and which direction do they walk?Simple type -spawn for a demonstration of the spawning and the paths monsters take.
Q: How do you get additional food?Build Generators with your commander. Also, you can maze with them. Upgrading them is really worth it.
Select Difficulty
Please stand-by while Red selects the difficulty of the game.
EASY: 90% Monster hitpoints, 70 lives.
NORMAL: 100% Monster hitpoints, 50 lives.
HARD: 110% Monster hitpoints, 30 lives.
ELITE: 120% Monster hitpoints, 15 lives.

Check out your Quest Log for a list of commands you can use and detailed game information.
— EASY —- Monsters now have 90% of their total hitpoints.- You now have 70 lives.

— NORMAL —- Monsters now have 100% of their total hitpoints.- You now have 50 lives.

— HARD —- Monsters now have 110% of their total hitpoints.- You now have 30 lives.- Good luck with Hard! You will need it.

— Elite —- Monsters now have 120% of their total hitpoints.- You now have 15 lives.- Prepare yourselves! It’s gonna be one hell of a ride.

Difficulty completed: NORMALYou’ve passed the Normal challenge!! It’s a great achievement indeed. Can you prevail through the harder difficulties?
Difficulty completed: HARDHigh quality work. Getting through Hard shouldn’t have been easy. You’ve done yourselves proud!
Difficulty completed: ElitePurely amazing… Your team members are absolute legends at Tower Defense maps. What an extraordinary achievement!
— Archimonde —Tremble mortals… and despair. Doom has come to this world!
Map created by MoonSpirit@USWest.
Special Thanks To:Elmstfred, for his helpful advice, and fixing on the triggers.
Monster Spawning Point sample initialized.
Monsters will spawn in this field here.
They will walk in this direction.
Here’s another spawn.
When reaching this spawn point, the monsters will head in this direction, towards middle.

This concludes the Monster Spawning Point sample.
Red took too long to decide on a difficulty.The difficulty will now be automatically selected as Normal.
— NORMAL —- Monsters now have 100% of their total hitpoints.- You now have 50 lives.

Red has 5 seconds left to decide on a difficulty.
Red has 10 seconds left to decide on a difficulty.
Together as a team, through levels of great challenge – you guys have succeeded through MoonSpirit’s Multiple Missile Defense!
Stay tuned for more updates on this map, as there’s still more work to be done.
You cannot play this game with 1 person.
Better luck next time!
The game will now end in 20 seconds.
Here is also another spawn which heads directly for middle. These spawns are only active if there is a corresponding defender playing.

Versions Change Log
Started recording changes since 1.33.
1.33 & 1.33b – Improved Flamethrower’s AOE and Nuke’s damage. Buffed & added a new ability to Lightning Sniper.1.34 – Added 10 more levels – Now 40 levels! Balanced a couple of units and towers.1.35 – Fixed a serious bug that caused the game to end.1.38 – New life saving ability for the builder! 3 Alien towers done so far.1.38a – A new Alien tower.1.38b – Fixed the Herculite Bombing Run, by ElmStFred.1.38c,d – Nerfed the Nuke, fixed the new Alien tower.1.38e,f – Fixed the victory condition and the nuke!1.39a – Balancing the waves.1.39b – New Alien tower & Balancing.1.39c – Balancing waves, nerfed Flamethrower, various terrain changes.1.39d – Minor fixing.1.39e – Tidying up the game interface. Balancing the waves.1.4 – Upgraded the tooltips to show tower statistics. Мейд levels shorter, and less spawns. Now 45 seconds per level instead of 60. This may help to make the game more action-packed.Edited monster names and colours to make them more interesting.Monsters now have 3% less hitpoints.1.4b – Monsters have 5% less hitpoints. Balanced specific levels.1.4c – Fixed a bug, where it would spawn 300 monsters instead of 240.1.4d – New “Vaporisato” tower and power generator for the aliens.Мейд most alien towers’ spells cost mana, which can be replenished by the generator. Various bug fixing.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

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15:46 1/6/2009

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