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Nimo?s Tower Def Z-2.0 скачать, Nimo?s Tower Def Z-2.0 download, Nimo?s Tower Def Z-2.0


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Nimo?s Tower Def Z-2.0


Niemetz & Lord-T-Rex

Количество игроков:

8 Player


Features: 20 Towers, 29 Upgrades 46 Levels4 difficulties

Доборная информация:

So yo uhave never played Nimos Tower defense? Well to make it short: You have to protect the Center of the map. From top and bottom there will come attackers, and you must kill them. To do so, built TOWERS ! well thats it hehe
Some Tipps:- Your first towers should be ARROW or CANNON or PULSE- DON?T built Lightning, Worker or Ice tower at the beginning, they do no/very few damage to the first 5 levels. ou need lighning the first time at Lvl 6, when flyers attack. Ice is always good, but first you need some towers that do the damage ;) And worker tower is good if you have the money for new workers and expensive towers.

Choose the “Quest” you want :-)
Hmmm the map has 46 Levels. 11 BOSS LEVELS and 35 normal levels. There are 20 Towers, some of them with 4 upgrades, others with only 3, 2 1 or 0 :) heheYou can play it with 8 players or less. it is possible to win with 2 on easy ;)
-Try to hold your Lives at 10 or so, that gives you good chances to survive. And never forget: a boss costs you 3 lives !- Don?t block! lol, nothing more stupid to block the monsters to kill them, wn 25 gold and lose 200 for destroyed towers ^^ The game is possible without blocking, so give back players some fun too ;) -Don?t switch to Lvl 2 Worker too fast, his towers cost around 30 gold, quite much at the beginning.- Never forget Realmdefenders or Sentrys for Invisible units ;)
Model by: Cookie
Minigun Tower
Both Models by: Killst4r
Laser Eye Tower lvl 3
Model by: Heroic_Milkman
Model by: Killst4r

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11:5 2/8/2009

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