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Pizza’s ZwuckeL TD Deluxe


ZwuckeL / Pizzafriedhof

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Towerdefense created by ZwuckelEdited by PizzafriedhofVersion 1.2 DeluxeEdition-

Доборная информация:

- Rifle tower added- Huntress, Chimaera and Talon towers now has longer range- Splash tower upgrades are cheaper- Fiend Towers now hits 2 targets- Arrow Tower III and IV hits 2 targets and V hits 3 targets- Ghoul tower has longer range- Last upgrades are more balanced and cheaper- Some bugs fixed

Tower Information
Ghoul Towers and its upgrades:- Should be used as the main towers used in the middle to hurt and take out the most damaged creeps
Archer Towers and its upgrades:- Used for either hurting the creeps before they come near the other towers or taking out the weak creeps that have leaked through the defense.
Peon Towers and its upgrades:- Good for taking out many weak creeps, should especially be used by the last defender.
Rifle Towers and its upgrades:- Very good for use in the end of each defenders defense because of their good damage, they should only be placed as close to the edge as possible because of their low range. They also have a little splash.
Arrow Towers and its upgrades:- Very cheap and useful with its good speed, it can also hit multiple targets in the upgraded levels.
Splash Towers and its upgrades:- Good for use in combination with the frost tower because of their splash damage, they have a nice attack speed and are cheap to upgrade.
Frost Towers and its upgrades:- The tower you will always need. Either use it to make groups of enemies or to slow everything by making it attack ground.
Anti-Air Tower and its upgrades:- Best tower against air and is a must for air defense, without it you will be doomed.

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14:1 4/9/2009

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