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Power Towers v1.10



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A tower defense where you must provide power to your towers.
Author: StrilancOriginal Author: StrilancLast Modified: September 18, 2007

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Map Summary
Latest versions uploaded to
v1.00 to v1.10- Adjusted Difficulty (a lot)- Added Special Rounds (speedy, feedback, shield)- Added ‘Training’ Mode- Removed Aura Towers- Added alternate builder with new towers- Added tutorial system- Fixed gold bug- Various minor fixes and improvements
-readyexamples: -readyThe ready command is a vote to skip the wait between rounds. All players must vote ready for the wait to be skipped.
-help [player name, number or color]examples: -help, -help blue, -help strilanc, -help 2The help command is used to activate the tutorial system before the first round. All players can use -help to activate the tutorial for themselves, and the main player can use -help (player) to activate it for someone.
-stophelpFinishes the tutorial.
-boot (player name, number or color)examples: -boot Strilanc, -boot 1, -boot redThe boot command is a vote to remove a player from the game. A player is only booted if more than half of the players vote to boot that player. Votes expire after one minute.
MapsCube Defense 4.8: The main influence for the terrain in this map. Great map for mazing.
People- Don-Para- for helping with testing- Mtg22 for pointing out how much help new players need.- the_lost_hero1 for suggestions and testing.- Mordacity for suggestions and testing.- The people at, who critique well.- A lot of people who joined test run games and helped, thanks!

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17:7 28/11/2008

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