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Power Towers v1.24



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A tower defense where you must provide power to your towers.Author: StrilancOriginal Author: StrilancLast Modified: November 28, 2007

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Map Summary
Post in the forums at if you have questions or comments.You can also email Strilanc at cr376499@dal.caNote: use a descriptive email title or it might be deleted as spam.
-readyexamples: -readyThe ready command is a vote to skip the wait between rounds. All players must vote ready for the wait to be skipped.
-boot (player name, number or color)examples: -boot Strilanc, -boot 1, -boot redThe boot command is a vote to remove a player from the game. A player is only booted if more than half of the players vote to boot that player. Votes expire after one minute.
Special RoundsRound 5: SpeedyRound 10: FeedbackRound 15: Speedy + FeedbackRound 20: ShieldRound 25: Speedy + ShieldRound 30: Speedy + Feedback + Shield
Leaderboard ColumnsAvailable = Total mana available across all towersProduction = Mana generated by all generators per secondDrain = Mana consumed per second by your towers when they are all attackingDamage = Total damage dealt to runners (training mode only)
Energy Stream ColorsOrange = No energy transfered last secondGreen = 1 to 24 Joules transfered last secondBlue = 25 to 124 Joules transfered last secondYellow = 125 to 624 Joules transfered last secondWhite = 625 or more Joules transfered last second
Units1 Joule = 1 mana1 Watt = 1 mana per second
How to Play
What is Power?Power (or energy) is mana. All towers except the basic arrow tower need it to be effective. It must be created by generators (water wheel, furnace) and transfered to your combat towers.
How do I use it?Here is a simple example of how you can power a Tesla Coil using a Furnace:Step 1 – Pick a spot with lots of grass for a furnace to consumeStep 2 – Build a furnace and Tesla Coil close together on this spotStep 3 – Select the furnace and cast “Add Transfer Target” on the Tesla CoilYour tesla coil will now receive mana from the furnace and use it to shoot bolts of lightning at nearby runners.
Effective Powering
What You WantThe only thing that really matters is whether or not your combat towers have the power they need when they need it. If your combat towers run out of power, they will become very dark, and do a lot less damage. If you fail to power them for a long time, you WILL lose. If your combat towers aren’t dark, you are currently fine.
How You Get It- Pay attention to the leaderboard. Make sure you are producing enough energy to deal with the drain when your combat towers are firing. Note that you can have more drain than production, as long as you have time to charge between rounds.- Pay attention to how the energy is actually being distributed. Even if you are producing enough energy, it may not be able to make it to your combat towers fast enough. Make sure your bridging towers are good enough. A good indicator of bad distribution is a fully-charged generator during the round: that means it is making energy fast than energy is leaving it.
MapsCube Defense 4.8: The main influence for the terrain and philosophy in this map. Great map for mazing.
Groups- The community at The community at A lot of people who joined test run games and helped, thanks!
People- Dragon451 for testing. A lot of testing. Seriously, thank you.- Mtg22 for suggestions, testing, and lots of hosting help.- the_lost_hero1 for suggestions and testing.- Mordacity for suggestions and testing.- Don-Para- for testing- Mytiq for locating a nasty bug
v1.21 to v1.24- Fixed a few major bugs- Fixed sharing to allow building and upgrading- Added new modes
v1.20 to v1.21- Added more options at start- Added elemental arrow towers- Added Seller’s Remorse- Nerfed tsunami and hero- Large rewrite of script- Lots of minor fixes and improvements
v1.10 to v1.20- Continued to adjust difficulty and towers- Added challenges- Added hero and tsunami towers- Fine tuned tutorial- Various minor fixes and improvements
v1.00 to v1.10- Adjusted Difficulty (a lot)- Added Special Rounds (speedy, feedback, shield)- Added ‘Training’ Mode- Removed Aura Towers- Added alternate builder with new towers- Added tutorial system- Fixed gold bug- Various minor fixes and improvements

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17:59 18/1/2008

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