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Preschool Tech WarZ v7.42 скачать, Preschool Tech WarZ v7.42 download, Preschool Tech WarZ v7.42


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Preschool Tech WarZ v7.42


V7.42 : WinterZen of Clan ZuAu

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Version 7.42 of Preschool WarZ, heavily expanded version with the elements of teching, countless custom units and abillities with over 4 builders. Мейд By WinterScaze of Clan ZuAu-

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Preschool Tech WarZ v7.4
Version v7.4 of Preschool Tech WarZ, мейд by WinterZen from Clan ZuAu, come Clan ZuAu for matches and more.
Changes:- Balanced army tank (more powerful, only attacks structures)- Added Anti Block Path- Fixed bugs with Weapons Cache- New builder, D&T builder- New Ultimate Anime Spawn
Go to for official updates and more.Email if you have any suggestions. Cool screenshots also welcome, I might use it as the minimap of future versions or put it up on the site. Credit also goes to you :P
Feeling Stuck? Here’s the FAQ- Common questions Answered
1. How Do I get Snack Time??!Ans: Look for your toddler, and build “Find Invisible Friend”, from there, build Snack Time.
2. What are Blue, Green, and other things?Ans: They are defense towers built by Girlfriend, which is “built” by invisible friend.
3. Where can I Get Kaolla Su, and who is she?You get get it from your Anime Main building, and if you do not know who she is, go read or watch more manga and anime.
4. This map Plain Sux!!Ans: Whatever.. Just give me constructive criticism and I do not care what you say.
Got any suggestions?- Email or go to, and post comments there.

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10:5 13/1/2008

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