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Shamanism v 1 . 2 скачать, Shamanism v 1 . 2 download, Shamanism v 1 . 2


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Shamanism v 1 . 2



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*Pick your Hero — Build your Base — Destroy your enemies*
Grab your axe and fight for your Tribe. Four Tribes fight to control an ancient land. Shamanism is a game of strategy; use your resources wisely.

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The Basics
How to play: Select a Hero (it is best for a team to have a variation of Hero-types). Right away, decide on a nice spot for a base. Collect items and bring them to this base. Start building stuff with the items. (For combinations, look at the item mixing area (lower-middle of map)). Once you have some powerful items, attack your enemies with your allies. The game is much more complex than this, but every game will follow these basic steps.
Notes: Campfire = Fibrous Plant, Flint, Wood.Rope = Fibrous Plant, Wax, Fibrous Plant.Tent = Hide, Hide, Wood, Rope.
Finding Items
Many items are easy to find. However, some are not. This list gives you hints on how to collect those rare items…
WAX: Is generated in Dire Spider’s Nests. These nests are randomly generated across the map. Find and kill the nests for their wax.IRON ORE: Is generated in Abandoned Mines. These mines can be found around the map. There are 5 total. If you type “-iron ore” the location of these Mines will be pinged on the minimap for you.MAGIC HERBS (flay, cilliun, opack and yerya): Are generated in Magical Flora. These bushes can be found around the map. There are 6 total. These Herbs are also generated in the spirit world.MUSHROOMS: Are generated in Mushroom Patches. There are 5 patches spread across the map.

If it is still Rebirth Time, then type ” -revive ” to revive your Hero.
If Rebirth Time is over, you must build an Altar of Spirits (мейд in the Spiritual Totem). From this building, your team can revive Heroes.
Important note on Altars:If the current owner of the Altar is dead, you will not be able to gain control of the Altar to revive your Hero (normally selecting the Altar gives you control). In other words, get the owner to revive ASAP. If the owner has left the game with a dead Hero, follow the instructions on the Altar to revive teammates, then you will be able to revive your own Hero.
How to Win
To win this game, you must kill every Hero of every enemy Tribe.
The attacking Tribe has a huge advantage due to the element of surprize. So strike first and strike hard!
Patch 2 info
Future changes, fixes and additions will be listed here.
Patch 1.2
I rush-released this patch to fix a huge bug–the Hero deleting bug. This rarely occured when the campfire cooked meat from a Hero’s inventory. The Cook Meat ability has been changed; I hope it is enough to fix the bug.
Regain Ring was added.More Wood, Stone and Spider Nests at the Start.
Changes for 1.1
A new Hero added!All Heroes +28-34 HP.Rebirth Time +60 secs.Iron ore ping added. Type “-iron ore”.All buildings have more hit points. The Altar gained +110 HP.Iron Ore has a +20% chance to spawn in every mine (every 149 secs)Pack Kodos gained +10 movement speed.Items spawn faster in the Spirit World.Hard monsters spawn 20 seconds later.Dire Spider was nerfed–less damage and attack speed.Axe of Ice buffed–duration +1 second.Towers and Ensnare Trap +1 attack.Imported Model now used for potions.Warrior-Shaman nerfed.
Defeat trigger changed. Instead of the event, “a unit dies” it is now “every 41 seconds.” This way, teams can get a moment to try and revive their Heroes before instantly being defeated.

This map was created by VirulentSaint. I, VirulentSaint, wish to make a clan based on this game if it gets popular enough. If you want to help me start a clan, add me to your friends list and message me when I am on I will also take any suggestions reguarding this game.In the past, when I was much worse at mapping, I мейд games under the name of Sheepa. Under this name I created Wendigo Tag, War of the Enders, Arrow Storm and Shadows Eternal. All these games had their flaws, but I always learned from my mistakes. ^_^ Enjoy this one.
How to Mix (Build)
How To Mix and Build a Base: Mixing items is easy. First, you gotta know what items you need to build the item you want. To find this out, type “-mix”. This will take your screen to the mixing area. This area lists every item combo in the game. Two things are important here: WHERE the mixing takes place and the ORDER of the items in that place. For example: A Steel Bar is мейд in the Blacksmith by placing Iron Ore in Slot 1, then Iron Ore in slot 2. Bam! You now have a Steel Bar!
The items you can make at first are under the orange spellbook. These items are мейд in your Hero’s inventory.
If an item combo is not working, take every item out of the Hero/Building and add all the items back, in the right order. If you place them in right, the mix WILL work.

The Clan
I want to make a clan based on Shamanism. If you want to join, message me (VirulentSaint). We will hold clan tournaments every two weeks. The winners will be listed in the game.
This clan will be a place to play with other skilled shamans!

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