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Sim City Wars – v0.37 скачать, Sim City Wars – v0.37 download, Sim City Wars – v0.37


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Sim City Wars – v0.37



Количество игроков:

6 – 10


Mayors: Build a city to fund the warGenerals: Train units to attack the enemy cityMinisters: Build up a defense for your city
-Many Balance changes and New Additions-
Made by Winter.Scaze

Доборная информация:

Mayor : Help
As the Mayor of your city, you are in charge of developing your city infrastructure, with various types of buildings. Some will generate revenue for others, some for yourself, and some buildings will give your teammates necessary resources : Technology & Food.——————————————————————————————–List of Buildings:
Residential : Gold mainly for your general and some for yourself.Industrial : Gold mainly for your defence and some for yourself.Commercial : Gold mainly for you, very little to teammates.
Tech Centres: Provides tech, an essential. More tech, better stuff.Farms : Limits Police and General’s army size.Banks : Something like a 10x Level 1 Commercials——————————————————————————————————–Remember to keep a balance between everything, and listen to your teammates. This is a TEAM game. All the income you get above the combined income of your teammates will be reduced by 70 percent.
Defence : Help
As the defence minister of your city, you are in charge of protecting it from the enemies forces. You have various units you can use to do this. Remeber to ask your mayor for gold and tech if you need more. Take note of the enemies army, and build your towers according to it.———————————————————————————————List of Buildings
Basic Tower : Effective Against Melee and Ranged.Anti Siege Tower : Effective VS Siege units only.
Barrier: Blocks units, and attacks with low damage. Has hi HP.Police Station: Mobile Defence Force.———————————————————————————————————Researches:+Fortification Upgrades+Damage Upgrades x2+Defence Minister Mana Pool Upgrade+Spiked Barricades
General : Help
As the general of your country, your duty is simple. Take down the other country’s castle. You have a variety of units to do this with, and with varying attack strength and types. Choose wisely, and think of how to counter the enemies defence. You can yell at your mayor if you need resources.
Rememeber, you can RESEARCH!!!———————————————————————————————-Types of Units
Tier 1: Weak TierTier 2: Semi Weak TierTier 3: Ownage Tier
Melee Units: Strong, fast and hardy. Good for Tanking mainly.Ranged Units: Strong, fast and hardy. Good for ranged attacks.Siege Units; Low in HP and Spd, but Uber vs Towers. Careful of anti siege though.
-Tank Division-
Prototype Tank: Has average HP and armour, and has nuking and suicide spells.Goblin Hammerhead : More of a support tank, has disabler and healing abilitiesDwarven Spayleigh : Heavily Armoured, With both nuking and support spells.—————————————————————————————————-

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8:12 25/10/2008

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