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The Alternate Future



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A world war 3 – style map that takes place in an alternate modern world where the British and French empires still exist and the Soviet Union is at the peak of its power. Best played with 12 players.

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How to PLAY!
I’ll explain some main points in the game in this help Quest.
1) First off, you are one of 12 major powers. Each one of them has its own unique techtree and units. The game is overall fairly balanced, and your goal is to conquer the Earth through diplomacy and power.
Unit types (1):
There are 5 main types of unit in the game:1) Infantry2) Siege weaponry3) Aircraft4) Navy5) WOMDs (What did you expect?)
INFANTRY:Infantry is the most basic type of unit. They can be trained in either a Barracks or in cities and they don’t have any requirements.The rule is, you get 6 infantry a bunch, they have a limited range, and can be killed pretty easily. But they are the most basic unit type and make up the bulk of your army.
SIEGE:Siege consists of three subgroups: Tanks, Artillery and Utility.Tanks are armoured vehicles which are excellent multipurpose units. They can easily take out infantry, towers, ships or cities in the way. Each tank type has an advantage or disatvantage, as in how long it takes to build, firepower, hitpoints or speed. Artillery is long-ranged, but vunerable weaponry. It doesnt work very well alone, and has to be backed by either infantry or tanks. Its main goal is to take out stuff that is out of range for other units, or if there’s a tower wall which is really setting you up.Utility is everything which doesn’t belong in the other categories. Here you find Jeeps, mobile Anti-Air, and other various things.
Change of Government
When your government building is destroyed you have the option to found a new government in any key city. When you build a new government building, wait for instructions on what to do, as they will appear on the screen. You will then have access to optinally naming your nation anew, and pick a new type of government. Each government type has its own strenghts and weaknesses.
Also, if you are tired of your current government you can type “-revolution” to found a new state. However, this will cause rebellions in your lands and will be a costy business.
Government Bonuses
-A Republic will give you 25 lumber per turn, due to patriotism, and 300 extra gold per turn.-A Communist regime will give you 20 extra Lumber, aswell as giving you 2 Infantry at your Government Building.-A Democracy will give you 36 infantry, and will grant you 1250 gold upon choosing your government. No other bonuses.-A Monarchy will give you a tax increase of 650 gold.-A Fundamentalist Government will give you a massive lumber increase of 50 lumber per turn.

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