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The Princess Prophecy v 2.4 скачать, The Princess Prophecy v 2.4 download, The Princess Prophecy v 2.4


Заглавие карты:

The Princess Prophecy v 2.4


Aerolus the Swift

Количество игроков:

four (RPG)


The prophecy of a young princess may be the only hope for the kingdom of Venicia.-final battle blackscreen bug fixed-difficulty adjusted -summoner no longer gets stuck-cinematics bug FIXED -by some good fellow–cinema fades cleaner

Доборная информация:

Rescue Princess Serrah!
Rescue Princess Serrah from the bandits that have kidnapped her.
Glyphs of Sealing
Find the three Glyphs of Sealing before Queen Leighdonne summons some unknown evil.
Save Linholm!
Defeat the demons attacking the town of Linholm.
Final Confrontation
Sneak into the castle and protect Serrah while she uses the Glyphs of Sealing to seal the rift between Venicia and the Dark World.

Время и дата cоздания карты:

6:7 22/8/2002

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