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Tree Tag Good Edition



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3v1, 6v2, or 9v3


If an ent dies in the forest and no one’s around to hear it, does it make a sound?
Updated: 6/24/08Administration: Jailout2000@Lordaeron

Доборная информация:

Ent Help
How to play as an Ent:To remove trees, right click on them. You can also use the ‘Destroy Trees’ ability to remove a large area of trees.
To get started with a base, clear out an area of trees, try not to cut a direct path to there as it will give it away. You should start with a ‘Sentry Tower’ so you can see when someone is comming, then make some ‘Resource Storage’s. Once you have enough money, make a ‘Tree of Life’ and creat an ‘Advaned Builder’. From there you can make a ‘Tree Barracks’ so you can fight the infernals or rescue dead Ents easily, or make ‘Tunnel Entrances’(they work like Waygates) so you can easilly move around. After that, just make whatever you need and you should be good to go.
To rescue a dead Ent, attack it with one of your units. It is an ally, so you will have to click the ‘Attack’ button then click on the ‘Ent Ash’ unit.
General Tips:-A good trick to use for getting somewhere is making a ‘Sentry Tower’, then useing the ‘Destroy Trees’ ability to clear out an area that you can see now that you have the tower, using ‘Blink’ to teleport, then canceling the build order for the sentry tower, so nobody can tell you were there.-Try not to build in easy to guess spots, like the corners of the map.-Don’t camp attacking units around the dead Ents, it pisses the infernals off and they will probably leave.
Infernal Help
How to play as an Infernal:To remove trees, click the ‘Attack’ button, then click on the tree. You can also use the ‘Destroy Trees’ ability to remove a large area of trees.
Items you will find useful are, the ‘Crystal Ball’(availible at the ‘Pyromaniac’) which allows you to reveal a targetted area. and the ‘Gem of True Sight’(availible at the ‘Lumberjack’) which lets you see invisible units and buldings.
General Tips:-Place a ‘Sentry Ward’ from your ‘Amulet of Sentry Ward’ in the center of the map, so you can tell when somone tries to save a dead Ent.-When picking abilities, always pick your ‘Ultimate Ability’(furthest to the right) if it is availible. They are very useful and incredibly powerful.-Don’t camp on the dead Ents, it pisses people off and they will probably leave.

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