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Tree Tag: Infernal’s Revenge 1.1 скачать, Tree Tag: Infernal’s Revenge 1.1 download, Tree Tag: Infernal’s Revenge 1.1


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Tree Tag: Infernal’s Revenge 1.1


Beider (Lorride)

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Tree Tag on a huge map.Based on Tree Tag Enting.
Made By Beider -Lorride-

Доборная информация:

This map and all triggers are мейд by Beider (Lorride)
Units and structures based on Tree Tag Enting!Мейд by : Scorpion-KingEdited by : Clan FaG and 4G.Nosferato
Dead Tree icon by lord_vicius
Pe_r_N for all his suggestions and help testing.
Version 1.1 BETA—————————————————- Fixed some terrain bugs that let ents hide in places inf can’t get to.- Fixed the Tree of Life bug, it could walk through trees.- Multiboard colors fixed up.- Infernal Killer damage reduced.- The amount of experience from ents now depends on how long they have been alive. The longer an ent stay alive the more experience the infernal get when they kill it.- Added “-giveinf” command (can be used if the no infernal bug happens in swap).- Invisible Tree has two levels now, only level two can cast Invisible.- Invisible Tree cost increased.- Invisible Tree build time increased, Pissed off Tree build time decreased.- Ent true sight removed from the game.- Ent income in swap reduced.- Changed invisible spell to 30 sec duration and 60 sec cooldown.- Changed how resource storages work, now it has 10 upgrades.- Added bounty for many ent buildings.- Changed it so that all units are removed from the game when an ent leaves in classic.- Increased price of the ent upgrades.- Infernal killer HP really changed to 50 as the description says.- Fixed a bug where ent cooldowns were reset when they were killed by an ally.- Added “Snowball Tree”.- Fixed a bug where players might lose money if they got a doubble kill as infernal in swap.- Converted spawn ent / infernal functions to JASS.- True Sight upgrade moved to upgrade center.- New building “Tree of the Winds”.- Fixed a bug that мейд ents lose their epm / espm blink when killed by another ent.- Added “Pac Mode”.- Nuke is changed to aoe around the infernal.- Infernal nuke and destroy trees no longer link.- Changed flare description to better explain how it is used.- Added “Talisman of Flames” that make it impossible to regrow trees around the wearer.- Renamed ultimate item shop to Florride.
Version 1.0—————————————————- Added Ent / Inf Power Modes.- Added more options for red during game start, also cleaned up a lot of triggers and added comments.- Added a new sentry building (Upgrade from normal sentry) and removed true sight from normal sentry.- 200% mana regen item мейд more expensive.- Power boost мейд more expensive.- Windwalk last longer but longer cooldown.- When an infernal leaves and someone use -inf they keep the infernal of the leaver.- Abilities and hp/mana of infernal is reset on swap.- Entire map is revealed for 60 sec after the game ends.- Infernal nuke now kills buildings.- Anti stuck added for swap mode.- Added two new game modes and lots of options for red at game start. Like picking infernals etc…- Fixed some hotkeys and descriptions.- Changed leaderboard to a multiboard.- Only one type of infernal.- Infernal Flare skill nerfed.
All changes above this is based on changes from Tree Tag Enting Units / Items / Abilities or New stuff that I added.
Important Info
If you have any comments / suggestions / flame or just want to get in touch with me you can check my website. You will also be able to get the newest version of this map there or an unprotected one if you wish to see the triggers (I used an optimize program to shrink file size).

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22:57 9/4/2007

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