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Vampire’s Night BN 4.9 скачать, Vampire’s Night BN 4.9 download, Vampire’s Night BN 4.9


Заглавие карты:

Vampire’s Night BN 4.9



Количество игроков:

12 Players


Type : Tag -Vampirism-Slots : 2-12 playersTime : 10 – 40 Minutes
BattleNet Edition – Fenixd84@Northrend

Доборная информация:

Human Tips
- Build a lumber mill, two farms and many Peasants- Wall yourself in and build AntiBat towers all around- Build other Towers
Vampire Tips
- Take your Cloak and the Bat Patrol- Find humans quickly to get allies- Hide yourself in the Crypt during the Day
Bless System
- A Vampire can be revived if an other Vampire pick up his heart- If a Vampire is Blessed, he can’t be revived !!- To be Cursed (nor Blessed), a Vampire MUST go back in his Crypt

Время и дата cоздания карты:

18:28 27/6/2006

Скачать\Download Vampire’s Night BN 4.9 (213 Кб)

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