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Vampirism Fire 4.02b скачать, Vampirism Fire 4.02b download, Vampirism Fire 4.02b


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Vampirism Fire 4.02b



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Vampirism Fire is a cross between a TD and a TAG, humans being the tower builders and vampires tagging. If a human is killed by a vampire he turns into one himself, Joining them in their reign.
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Dispite what you may think the dance pool does nothing but recieve Human units who step on the wrong portal(Red rune)
The red rune does not effect vampires for it is a place for them to safely come into places without getting denied passage by blocking human units.
If you need to Download the latest Versionor have suggestions, found a bug ect… go
Changes For this version:-Cinematic camera panning removed.-Cinematic greatly improved in detail.-Healing aura from super wall of health reduced to 0.04(From 0.10).-Staff of Flames renamed Pulse Staff-Pulse Staffs cost reduced to 175(from 225), cooldown to 30(from 60), range increased by 300(200 to 500) and now hits two slayers(chain lightning)-Terrain changes to top right, bottom right and bottom left(teleport area).-Nosferatos range decreased by 5(105 to 100).-Hotkey added to the Manual of Ultra power(vault item).-Manual of Ultra Power Gold cost increased from 10 to 35-”-show” now tells if a player is human, vampire or dead. And doesnt show people who never joined the Game.-The base right above spawn now has a back door blink spot.-Fixed a bug where houses at base lower left of the middle are seen when vampires spawn.-Urn of dracula price reduced back to 200.-Fixed a bug that causes the game to end prematurely when someone leaves before the vampires spawn.-Ankhs can no longer be picked up by slayers.-Command Center supersized(only in looks).-Vampires no longer get gold from the 15 minute mark or urn when they die.-Nosferato(s) is now able to kick dead (Mini)Vampires due to annoying people who tell humans everything that the Nosferato is are doing.-Fixed the staff of flames animation.-New Range Attack upgrade for humans in research center.-Tome of Ruling removed(vault item).-Assassin’s price reduced from 150 to 75 and Fel Beast’s price reduced from 75 to 45.-Mini Vampires no longer get the 10 wood per minute(bug).-Slayers no longer get the armor upgrades when researched in the Ultra Research center.-New recipe shop that opens at the 20 minute mark for combining items.-New item that is мейд by combining the Burst Gem and Pulse Staff(Recipe required).-Slayer Adept Training in research center now gives your slayer more inventory space and your slayers default slayer space now reduced to 1.-Ruby Wall model changed.-Massive graves armor has been increased, slow aura(the stuff visible before fully built) removed and costs 30 for one charge(will stack when more then 1 are bought)-Huge tent gives 4 gold instead of 5 and the experiance bounty has been increased.-Gold bounty increased on orange calcite towers from 10 to 30 and hitpoints increased from 1200 to 2000.-Trees have 100x the amount of life they use to.-Goblins kill trees in one hit instead of two.-Chrysophase walls regeneration rate increased by 5.-Mana Walls no longer give vampires mana too.-Buying gold from the middle or in the vault is back down to 15000 wood.-Mini Vampires are now equal in power to Nosferato(stats).-New ability(item form) for humans to disable/enable workers from automaticly chopping trees(without rally points) when trained. This only applies to Workers, Furbolgs and Fangs.-New ability for slayer and the tracker item has been turned into an ability and given to slayers.-New item in vault for humans(ONLY humans) that teleports you to allied structures.-New item sold by the demonic merchant that gives 100+ attack when bought.-Cloak of Shadows price reduced by 150.-New item for vampires, Draculas Cloak.-Reworked high level tiers and goldmines….-Fixed more tooltips.-Added Attack/Hitpoints/Cooldown/Abilities to tooltips on towers and walls.-Movespeed gained from agility removed.-Vampires and Slayers can now walk around the Command Center.-Slayer Pool moved.-Fixed Vemonous leak’s tooltip.-Error warning changed when trying to target Fel Beasts and Assassins with teleportation staff.-New -music# command. Pick any number from 1 through 5 if you’re the host. Oh and you can type -musicoff if you don’t feel like listening anymore!-Mana wall removed and upgrade added to research center to give wall of health’ the ability to have mana regeneration.-When giving control to an ally(as human) it gives full control so you can build for them.-Refresh Potion’s cost increased back to its original price(225 to 275) and tooltip improved for cooldown.-Cloak of shadows icon changed.-Rain of Inferno fixed(it only hurt 1000 instead of its advertised damage of 1500)-Spheres cooldown now visible and special hidden stats removed.-Sorry I didn’t get to put all the stuff i said i would due to spoofers needing to be stopped with a new version.

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8:36 22/7/2008

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