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Vampirism The Revenge v8.1



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Full House


Will the humans deafeat the Vampires or will they become allies of the Vampires?-?-? Find out and play this version- This Version is a mixture of Vampirism Get Stronger and Vampirism Ultimate. the newest version.

Доборная информация:

Human Instructions
Humans: Run to one of the suggested bases as fast as possible. Create a house, a tent, and then many workers. Wall your base in at the pinch points as soon as possible so the vamipre cannot get in. Create towers to defend and walls to block the Vampires.
After you have the slayers, slay the vampires by working together with the other humans! Killing a vampire will give you one gold and allow you to build the Slayer’s Vault.
Vampire Instructions
Nosferatu: Get Far Sight and WindWalk as your first abilities. Find weak human bases using Far Sight and kill the worker unit in them to recruit allies. Use WindWalk as an escape spell or as a way to get your first human kill in the beginning of the game. Beware, trackers can see through invisiblilty. Make sure to work with the Vampires that you have turned.
Vampires: Work together with Nosferatu and beware of vampire slayers who can ensnare you.

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16:9 19/12/2007

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