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Vampirism Zero H2 скачать, Vampirism Zero H2 download, Vampirism Zero H2


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Vampirism Zero H2



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Full House


Will the Vampires take over the world or will the Humans prevail? It’s up to You.

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Vampirism Zero
This map is мейд by Blize88 @ northrendGood Luck & Have Fun
-Kill all vampires to win-You can only build 1 lumber Base but it is upgradeable-If you loose an upgraded lumber base you will recieve 50% of it’s total lumber cost-Buildings are summoned so you can construct many buildings at the same time.-Build slayers which you can use to stop the vampires with-There is a way for the humans to get gold, but thats up to you to figure out how-If you die you will be reborn as a vampire starting of at the level of the vampire who killed you
-Kill all humans to win-ALL vampires will get 3 gold when someone destroys a human building, and the one who destroys it will get 3 gold + the bounty recieved.-You will get 1 gold every second-You will get 50xp every fifth second-When you kill a human he will be reborn as a vampire starting of at the level of the vampire who killed him-Get gold & xp by destroying human buildings-Buy items to boost your vampire
How to get gold
Gathering gold can ONLY be done during the day.Teamwork is required…First make sure you get 3 slayers within the human team and bring them to the special place which is located somewhere in the north-eastern region of the map, there you have to do something with the slayers which causes a portal to open, enter the portal and kill the gold supplier.The gold supplier will respawn once it’s destroyed and all humans will get +1 gold every time it’s destroyed.
Leveling your slayer
You can level your slayer ONLY during the night (during the day you should try to collect gold with your slayer).There is a platform somewhere in the south-western region of the map, stay there with your slayer and you will level up every 30 seconds during the night.
The following commands can be used in this map.-base (shows you the location of all bases)-zoom (use this command to zoom out a bit)
Orginal map by Blize88.Modified by Edddek.

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13:44 1/12/2008

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