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World of Warcraft Reborn



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Read the Quest log for gameplay info -Tell other players to do it, especially newbies – =- Game Start is always a bit laggy -

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Reborn Version
This version is merely an update of Pitlords WoW TFT 1.2Updates include:
- Horn of Cenarious item would not appear- No more respawning of bosses (I felt this was a bug whether it was or not)- Increased respawning time to 75 secs up from 45 secs- Removed some of them horrible sound effects that got REALLY annoying- Map file size 1.6MB down from 3.3MB (nothing is missing, Its called optimizing ^^ )- Generally cleaned out coding, etc- Plus more..

Special Thanks goes to..
- Pitlord for making this AMAZING map. It must have taken FOREVER!- Blizzard Entertainment for the great world edit tool, cool WC3 story plot and of course for making WoW !- All Beta Testerz.- Yoda_24 for showing us in his RoC WoW version that it is possible to make such a huge map =).- Waugriff for showing us that it actually is possible to include Hero quests in open RPG maps.- Bobthemage (AoS – Eternal Conflict) for the regrow trees-skill.- Razorclaw X for his Arthas/LichKing Unit Model.- GG&K (City of the 7 Mithril Golems) for the Golem Quest idea.- and for the great tutorials archives and map making forums.- God.- Everyone who plays the map.
Welcome to WoW Reborn !
Welcome to World of Warcraft Reborn open RPG ! Open RPG means, players can do whatever they want, even hunt other players (which is recommended in order to keep the whole thing a bit more exciting =) …Additionally, there are optional quests to do for famous Warcraft Heros of the past. And for the very brave ones, on every continent there is at least 1 dungeon with over-the-average powerful creeps and Dungeon Masters who guard powerful artifacts..In Here are the few rules every player must stick to:- You can choose only 1 Hero and can NOT repick ! This is to prevent map bug creation and bug abuse.- You have to choose 1 Profession which effectively gives your Hero some item crafting skills. In addition you can craft and sell items in nearby Marketplaces to raise your funds. You can NOT drop your profession book due to game system abuse probability.- You have to choose Warlord or Freelacer status. Warlords can build cities and mine gold. Freelancers can not build cities but Hideouts. They get some extra stats in the game start.- You can become Demigod of Good or Evil (see the quest menu paragraph for more information on this subject.
Have fun and enjoy…THE WORLD OF WARCRAFT !
Cities and Hideouts
Every warlord-type Hero has a nation-specific scepter. With this he or she can summon workers who will start building their nations. It is recommended that they build within city walls becasue the probability of their buildings being attacked by creeps or “terrorist” Heros is considerably lowered. Also, they can spawn citizens and build housings for them. Citizens make your town more realistic and also have some useful abilities.
Hideouts are for Freelancer Heros. They are their personal homes and provide among other things a safe place to recover. It should be considered building them within city walls or under the protection of a warlord player to lower destruction probability.
Player Red = 1Player Blue = 2Player Teal = 3Player Purple = 4Player Yellow = 5Player Orange = 6Player Green = 7Player Pink = 8Player Light Blue = 9Player Dark Green = 10
1. Hostile state: write “unallyX”2. Ally state: write “allyX”3. Ally with shared vision: write “visionX”4. Hostile with ALL players: write “myenemies”5. Ally with ALL players: write “myfriends”6. Ally and Shared vision with ALL players: write “visionall”
NPC Quests
There are several NPC Heros which you will recognize from the original Warcraft Campaigns. They can give your Heros special quests to do for them. Once someone completes the required quest for the NPC, he or she will be able to give you another quest which is more difficult than the previous. In every nation it is possible to fulfill up to 4 quests for the NPCs. For example, the Orcs will have 2 Quests given to you by Thrall and 2 Quests given by Cairne Bloodhoof, which makes a total of 4 quests.
Demigod of Good or Evil
Every player can become a demigod of good or evil by capturing 1 Dragon of every color. This choice means to sacrifice your Hero for the Eternal Guardian (light side) or Хэнд of Destruction (dark side). However the process of getting this status is very difficult, because the consequences for other players can be fatal once someone gets these new powers. In order to prove worthyness of these powers, you have to do 2 things: Depending on which side you want to be, you have to have 1 Order Stone Fragment or Chaos Stone Fragment in your inventory. You can get the fragments by searching for and finding the locations of the complete Stones (the Order stone fragment is in fact at the temple. The stones themselves also have some magical powers). Then find 1 Dragon of each type and bring them to the newly raised Dragon Temple in the deep ocean: Red Dragon, Blue Dragon, Black Dragon, Bronze Dragon and Green Dragon. Place every one of them on the appropriate circle of power in the temple and step into the center circle to perform the ascension ritual.The Dragon Roosts that let you get the dragons are shattered throughout the world so it can be a very long quest to find them all and collect all 5 Dragons. Also there may be some fierce creatures guarding the ancient Temple Ruins which have recently been raised from the ocean floor. Once you become a demigod, you can upgrade your Guardian?s Tower or Tier 3 Town Hall to a Temple of Light or Darkness after researching the Demigod Temple upgrade.
Stonemaul Gauntlet
The Stonemaul Ogres are famous for their passion for combat and fighting games. Their new warchief Rexxar has inspired them to establish a public gladiator arena. Here Heros can choose between different opponents to fight against in order to gain experience and maybe some small rewards. However, the Arena must first be officially opened by a certain Orc Quest. If you choose to fight in the arena, there is no turning back. If you enter the Arena with more than 1 Hero (Hero group), you lose the contest as soon as the 1st Hero dies. And if a Hero leaves the Arena before the fight is over, the battle is also over and you prove your cowardness to the Stonemaul Ogres. Aaahahahaharrr !
There are 6 Professions available from which every Hero must choose one at the game start:Armorer – forges different types of protective armor.Weaponsmith – forges different types of offensive weapons.Alchemist – composes diefferent types of mana refreshing items.Herbalist – composes different types of life replenishing items.Loremaster – writes powerful magical scrolls and can craft Ankhs.Engineer – can demolish and build normally not available towers.
The profession tomes can not be traded or dropped in order to maintain Hero uniqueness and prevent game system abuse and possible bugs.
Legendary Artifacts
Legends and rumors speak of many legendary Artifacts hidden across the World. The bad news is, you can?t get them for free, but in order to retrieve them, must defeat each Dungeon Master guarding them. Since the Artifact Guardians are very powerful, it is advised not to venture alone into their lairs, or at least not well prepared.
If a Hero carrying a unique artifact DIES without an Ankh or the Reincarnation skill, the artifacts will be removed from the Hero. They can then again be retrieved from the location where they were originally found.
Creep Respawning
Once a creep is slain, it will respawn at its dying location after about 75 game time seconds, and only if no player controlled unit is within 400 of the location.
Hero Death
Some epic quests will create leaderboards. In order to hide or show them again, use following commands (works only if the quests are activated):
1. CRUSADE:- turn on leaderboard: “-crusadeon”- turn off leaderboard: “-crusadeoff”
2. THE SILVER Хэнд:- turn on leaderboard: “-paladinson”- turn off leaderboard: “-paladinsoff”
3. CENTAUR KHANS:- turn on leaderboard: “-centaurson”- turn off leaderboard: “-centaursoff”
Note: Even when the quest has been activated, and you turn off the leaderboard, the counts will continue until the quest requirement is accomplished. Also, it turns off/on the leaderboard display only for the player who writes the chat message.
If your Hero dies, don?t panic. There are 2 possibilities to revive your fallen champion:1. If you have an Altar or Hideout, you can revive there.
2. If you don?t have these structures, you can revive at your personal Well of Life on Jaina?s Theramore Isle. However you have to buy a transport ship if you don?t have other means to get off Theramore. In case you need money, simply craft items and sell them at the marketplace.
If Player 1 doesn?t turn off Defeat Conditions during the game start, every player can be permanently destroyed. You lose then, if- Town Hall Type structure is destroyed.- Hideout or an upgraded Hiedout is destroyed.- Demigod Temple is destroyed.Once you are defeated, you will lose all units and possibilities to resurrect your Hero and the game is over for you !

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