X? Tower Defense v2.0 скачать, X? Tower Defense v2.0 download, X? Tower Defense v2.0 | Карты для Dota и Warcraft 3
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X? Tower Defense v2.0 скачать, X? Tower Defense v2.0 download, X? Tower Defense v2.0


Заглавие карты:

X? Tower Defense v2.0



Количество игроков:

4 to 10 players


X? Tower Defense- As the first set of enemies move towards the middle, new units spawn from the middle to work their way back out-Attention HOSTS — To Create the ? in the Game Name, hold ALT and hit 0 1 7 8 on the NumPad, and release ALT.

Доборная информация:

Command List
::Command List::All Commands need a – “Dash” preceding them.
Red Only:-Llama Player ‘Blue-Gray’ : Player May No Longer Talk.-Unllama Player ‘Blue-Gray’ : Ends Llama Status.-Kick Player ‘Blue-Gray’ : Kicks, Gives Units to Remaining Players.
Non-Red Only:-Veto : Opts to Veto Red’s Selection & Restrict his Commands.
Generic:-Info : Gives List of Air/Hero Levels.-Air : Gives Information on Air Levels.-Hero : Gives Information on Hero Levels.-Towers : Shows a Brief Diagram of Towers.-Clear : Clears Diagram or any other Messages.
Updates in X? Tower Defenseby Jynx (tzsjynx@USEast)XTD 5.02 Originally by Demonphase and Forlorn Drummer
New in X? v2.0:Nearly Total Revamp in Tower Damage/Speed/Price.Total Revamp of Creep HP/Armor/Type.New Hero Levels, these Creeps are only effected by Super Towers and Elemental Guardians.Brand new Loading Screen and End Sequence.
New in X? v1.5:New Super Inferno Tower, changed Tree Cannon to Granadier to fit the new ‘Innovation’ Line.Reduced effectiveness of Rapid Fire line by creating somewhat randomized damage.Added ‘-veto’ command.Huge revamp in Descriptions, including new system for essenses which will come into play in a later version.
If you find any bugs or suggestions, send them to tzsjynx@USEast or my email: tzsjynx@hotmail.com
::Basic Information::Quick Reference Guide
»Difficulty settings control the teams Lives and the Number of creeps that spawn.»Fastbuild settings control whether or not regular towers are built instantly.»X? Settings control whether or not new creeps spawn from the inside.
»Most regular towers have approximately the same Damage per Second per Gold, aka DPS/$.
»Some Elemental Guardians may have skewed DPS/$ due to their difficulty to get.»Some regular towers may have skewed DPS/$ due to extra utility they provide.
»There is no “Best” tower, however certain towers work best at different locations.»»Outer edges should focus on Splash with Quick damage to backup on leaks.»»The arms should focus on ranged units and Quick towers to handle mixed units.»»The center should focus on ranged units at strategic points, or strong single shots.
»All players should get at least a few Frost or Super Frost towers, upgraded from arrows.

Время и дата cоздания карты:

19:55 12/6/2005

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